2020 Boom or Doom?! Let's Get Analytical!

Last Update: January 31, 2020

The success and failures with my Bootcamp website.

Hi Folks,

For those who still don't know me, and I've been around for some time now, I'm Pedro and I've been working online (the wrong way tough) most of my life... If you are into some "once upon a time" type of mood check my bio ;).

This post is about objectives, projections, and results.

What I've been (I'm) doing wrong or right and what do I expect to achieve this year.

2020 High Hopes

2019 Overview!

I started to work on my Bootcamp website 2 years ago using a mix of WA training with what I already knew about SEO and online business.

Sometimes is easier to teach someone that knows 0 about a subject than someone with a background in that area... that was 100% my case!

In between google updates and lack of time to pump out decent content consistently, I kept changing themes,

changing SEO plugins trying everything "tech" side instead of simply "follow the training!...

There is always someone/something to blame for...

I boosted my website visitors by 80.3% in less than one month!

How did I go from 2.3k to 4.1k visitors in 28 days?

Good question! I can tell you right off the bat it wasn't rocket science!

I've been pumping out 5 pieces of content per week for some time.

Aim for good, targeted and well-researched content from Monday to Friday, I don't publish anything on Weekends.

The idea is to create a pattern and stay consistent.

If you want to get my exact method check this video here where I published and rank a post to page 1 of Google in 5 minutes or less... [Literally].

Where do these visitors all come from?

As you can see most of my traffic comes from Google and its organic. That means that I'm doing something right! ;)

How do I Make Money Online?

You can monetize your website in various ways, but what is the point of monetizing if you don't have any traffic yet?

I could have Google Adwords running on this site and get some "passive income" with ads but I'm aiming for the next level ;)

As I write this my website is "add" free. For several reasons:

  • I don't want to distract people and send people away from my website. My main intent on this website is to funnel people to Wealthy Affiliate either to my Wealthy Affiliate Review page or directly to WA website with my affiliate link.

  • I want to raise my traffic up to 1k++ visitors per day before I apply to a high add service. You can get big bucks from this, [ REAL PASSIVE].

The thing is, you also need high-quality traffic, the companies that pay the most per add, for example, Mediavine they want highly targeted traffic.

Considering this chart over here looks like I'm doing something right as well ;)

Most of my traffic comes from the US, then bit from Canada, UK, and Australia! Pretty awesome!

So, Where am I sucking?

Well for starters, bad conversion rate.

It looks like my website is "too clean".

I can blame my photoshop Webdesign background... but I don't like websites filled with popups and ads.

I can blame the type of reviews, maybe too much phone apps reviews (I wonder why I have such high % of mobile visitors) :/

Mobile visitors hardly convert! <-- It's a fact!

Or I can blame me for not A/B testing everything a lot more.

High Bounce Rate.

I really have some trouble with this one, I don't even know how accurate it is, because I follow google analytics a lot and I often see people visiting in "real-time" staying on-site 2+ minutes...

My website is blazing fast

My user experience is good (easy navigation, clean website)

One thing that I can think of, is the SERP title and meta title.

I stopped making them so compelling and controversial... ( Idea was to boost click-through rate) and started to make them more post descriptive... let's see how this works out.

What I want to achieve in 2020 with the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Website.

Boost my visitors to 1k++ per day.

Get this website making $3k to 4k + per month mixing affiliate and ad revenue.

Making as much WA sales as possible ;)

I hope this information can help you in some way!

Now I really want to ask you something, do you think my goals are achievable?

Let me know what you guys think, considering where I am at the moment! If you have any suggestions/advice, please let me know!


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drjec Premium
I appreciate all of this information in the post. I think you should expand just a bit and turn it into a training.
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi Jim,

Thank you for you suggestion ;)

I might do that ;)

Cheers to you m8

accad Premium
Good inspiration.
I-Pedro-I Premium
Thank you.

There is always room for improvement ;)

accad Premium
Right, we have to improve, we don't want stagnation.
I-Pedro-I Premium
LenkaSophie Premium
Pedro, I think your goals are achievable but I'm not an expert. Seeing your traffic seems awesome to me as I am at the beginning with my brand new website, filling it up with content as much as I can but it is so young that I can't do much at the moment.
I really enjoyed reading your stats and insights!
I-Pedro-I Premium
Hi Lenka.

Yes, building an online presence takes a while, it's not an overnight procedure!

Keep up with quality over quantity, and stick to the training that you will get there ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed my post and thank you to take time to comment.

Wish you the best.

Jules73 Premium
Thank you so much for sharing this post Pedro, its quite detailed and I'm intrigued to study it more. I have "starred" your post under "successes" tag because from where I am standing you are a success on so many levels.

I have not started the affiliate boot camp yet so cannot really comment - but I am a strong advocate on having a clean website and do not have popups or ads on my site, perhaps to my determent, time will tell.

Thanks again Pedro and taking this opportunity to follow you. All the best, Jules

P.S congratulations on your 100th WA post ;-)
I-Pedro-I Premium
It's advisable not to go into the "make money online" niche right away.. because it's very competitive.

It's always advisable to stick with the training and make the "Online Entrepreneur Certification" first.

There are a lot of people making big bucks with niche websites, even mini niches.

There are still some gold nuggets out there, and a lot easier to rank.

Thnx for your comment.

With you the best.

Bucko16 Premium
Sure 3k to 4k plus per month is achievable. I haven't done it myself mind you. I just believe, and you're further down the road than I am. I'm only starting.......again after many false starts.

Keep going.
I-Pedro-I Premium
I was talking about this particular website ;)

The making money online niche is hard to battle, but also a great place to be to learn about SEO and online marketing.

Cheers to our success.
Bucko16 Premium
Yeah, 3k to 4k is achievable......with this website. Good luck with it.
I-Pedro-I Premium

Thnx for your feedback ;)