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Last Update: Dec 22, 2017


On my newest website,, I started it about 8 months ago, I write Nerf Gun Reviews, I found a niche and build a pretty cool website (I think its pretty cool). I never had high hopes for this website until I started putting effort into it each day for about 3 months with constant updates and fixes and still more to come!

The Wealthy Affiliate training works, they teach you to build a website, get traffic and sell items related to your niche.

Here are my latest analytics and Amazon Sales.

I am up to around 100 visitors a day, I have some numbers to improve on (Bounce Rate and Session Duration) but at least I have something to improve! ;)

I am selling items off of Amazon because people visited my website and read what I had to say, I think that is phenomenal!

I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now, about 15 months, and every time, I don't do something right, I keep trying until I get it right! There is training on everything, what isn't here, find somewhere else... and bring it here!

Now that I have a website that is getting traffic, and selling items.. I still have some work to do to make it do so, just a little bit better, or a whole lot better! But the main thing is, I have a site, a site with problems. Problems to improve on!

I had a seasonal salmon job that just ended yesterday, I got some $$$ to fund my life and ensure online marketing will be my career for the rest of my life!

I'm going to be making huge leaps!!

See you all at the top!



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Well done Kenny, this is very encouraging. Thanks for the comment about steady input for 3 months to make things work.
Merry Christmas and see you at the top in 2018

This isn't something that anyone can do, you got to be in it to win it. Trial and error until you get it right, but as long as you have trials, you have things to try next time to work even better! Keep going! :)

Nice work Kenny! Thanks for sharing your success.

My pleasure Patrick! ;)

That's great Kenny! Congrats!

Thanks! :)

Well done Kenny. Persistence is key!

That it is! :)

That's a cool niche. Study Paintball gaming. I'll bet it's similar!

I've heard a lot of people tell me that for a new niche, but I plan to work mainly on my WA referral site and get that profiting real well first! :)

So glad to see that you are making progress. Your site is really fun to read!

Thank you! I was hoping a little story would help hold readers attention! :)

Thanks for the update and that is such wonderful news! You are proof that Wealthy Affiliate works for those who follow the training and then put what they learn into action.

It took a few tries but I finally got it right, now to improve my other sites! :)

Nicely done Kenny we will see you there!



Thank You! :)

Well done. Looks like you've built an informative niche site that the market is coming to...Congratulations!

One Review at a time. Hows your progress?

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