Another 10 lessons done!

Last Update: October 12, 2019

I am loving this community and what I am learning! Everyday, I learn something new and it's so exciting to go through the courses!

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Mick18 Premium
Congrats on your progress you are doing great.
ExpatMark Premium
Way to go Heather! What made you get out of the Personal Training thingy. I make enough money in January, February, and March with all the New Years resolution folk, that I take the other 9 months off. There are a lot of fat Baby Boomers out there with plenty of money.
HTakeuchi1 Premium
Hello! I did not enjoy it. It just was not me and if I am not passionate about it, it’s hard to do
ExpatMark Premium
Good female personal trainers are very hard to come by because most men are too proud to be taught by a woman. Most men are too proud to be taught by me. I am 58 and they cannot keep up. Sad, but true.
That is why 90% of my clients are female. Glad you found your passion. Good for you
TonyJS Premium
Everyday is a school day in Wealthy Affiliate!!

You are absolutely smashing this and I can’t wait to see how far you go!

All the best
Stanleycmng Premium Plus
Great that you are enjoying your journey...
Joes946 Premium
Glad you’re here.