Google Indexing the WA Jay Way!

Last Update: September 05, 2019

I have been here at WA since June of 2014. Every now and then I still get reminders that what we are taught here by the resources and leaders here at WA is so spot on!

I recenty posted a product review to my website. I have always been using Jay's training lists to be sure I have done all I can to be sure my pages and posts get indexed as quickly as possible. Here's Jay's latest training on that subject:

I just checked my new published page to see if it had been indexed and if I was ranking in the top ten pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

I published the page at 3:15pm a few days ago, and by 3:36pm the same day it was indexed and ranking. This is a 2778 word review with pictures and video. It has a high page speed performance for both desktop and mobile sources, so no reduction on rankings for that aspect.

Does what we learn here within the WA platform work? Absolutely!! Once again it was confirmed to me today.

Press on WAers. . . .

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klchang Premium
As they say, WA's training works.
Thanks for the testimonial, Howard.
All the best to you and more success to come.
jmh14 Premium
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

HowardJaros Premium
Thank you for dropping by and commenting!
ecomtom Premium
Thanks for the important info and direction on indexing. Tom
Nicole1414 Premium
Wow that’s awesome and encouraging thanks for sharing!
HowardJaros Premium
Thanks for stopping by Nicole! Best wishes for the same for you.