Getting Content Indexed Quickly!

Last Update: August 08, 2018

I have written a couple of posts this week and both were indexed within less than 24 hours. I did not even submit them to Fetch as Google or to the Google search console.

All I did is what I usually do: follow the teachings here at WA and one of my favorite techniques by our Guru Jay:

My posts these days tend to be around the two thousand word mark. I know that is probably not entirely necessary to get indexed, but I create content of this magnitude to provide valuable information to those that find their way to my website.

If I continue to do a good job visitors will hang around and check out my online space and continue to buy from my site!

I hope you all are receiving this email as well. If so it means you are well on your way to continued growth and monthly income.

Press on . . .

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phakacha8 Premium
That's an awesome news indeed.
Quick indexing heralds quicker income flow and don't you tell me I AM wrong!

JudsonH1 Premium
I show that I am not # 1 and can not be found. It may be located below twenty pages. Do I have to pay for further service to see where I am listed?
HowardJaros Premium
Hi Judson! Thanks for stopping by.

I use Jaaxy Pro which shows me my ranking for the first ten pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are using Jaaxy Lite (the free version included with premium WA) then yes, you only see the first page results.

Here is a post that might also help you out:
Joel28 Premium
Congrats Sir Howard!
Going your way to a more good opportunities.

Good job!

HowardJaros Premium
Thanks for stopping by Joel!
jan135 Premium
I used Jaaxy siteRank and found My website was No.1 on google. Great news and very surprised, until I realised that my domain name was all wrong. I am now looking into getting a new domain name and transferring my old site to my new one.
Thanks for the info
jetrbby80316 Premium
Fabulous new, Congrats Howard! I will review Jay's training on this. Thank You :)
HowardJaros Premium
Thank you Sir!