Responses not working, why.

Last Update: October 05, 2015

If someone comments on my timeline and i click reply, it lets me type in a message and submit, but the message never appears, like its not gone through, is anyone else having this, is it a problem with WA.

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2Al Premium
Send a ticket to support. They'll be able to help you.
marycraig Premium
After you type in your message you hit add comment and then it shows up maby that's the problem,
HomeCounties Premium
I have been doing thatlol i am not that silly, its been ok for months, just the last few days having troubles.
Sheila50 Premium
I am not having any trouble at this time!
Sorry I can't help you!
Sheila :)
KatieMac Premium
I am fine this end in your settings under email and notifications is everything ticked,, there is a box referring to comments.. if its all ok you might just have to get a support ticket in
BelieveItYes Premium
on my end everything is working fine. Try logging out and in again. And if the problem persists, send a ticket to support... or try live chat?