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Last Update: October 21, 2015

I saw someone do a similar blog about there keywords ranking so i got inspired to check my own website stats, bare in mind my website was always supposed to be a localized small niche site, only targeting local people, it is only the last 2 months or so that i have tried to internationalize it so it has tips/advice on it relevent to anyone, anywhere.

Keyword 'dog trainer in kent'

page 1 google, position 8

Keyword 'dog training advice'

page 4 google position 37

keyword 'best dog trainer in kent'

page 1 google position 8

keyword 'dog training classes in medway'

page 2 google position 20

keyword 'dog training blog in kent'

page 1 google position 1

keyword 'terrys top puppy training tips'

page 1 google position 1

Now, of all of the above, what does it mean, not a lot, a few visits here and there, it means i am doing something right, at least my stuff is getting ranked.

What i learnt doing this excercise is really quite amazing, i learnt that doing other 'term searches' thinking from the customers mindset, noth locally and internationally, i was not ranked, and a little spark in my head went, i have been writing good content but it is lacking in some huge fundamental important keywords.

So, for me, it was a really useful excercise and one i shall now do at least once a week, you can learn a lot from it, so for me, now, back to the keyword training to re-learn and recap.

Onward and upward.

p.s at least according to google i am the most famous dog trainer in the world called Terry, haha, shame that does not convert to traffic ehh.

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GMG224 Premium
Ha ha - glad to know we're in the company of real celebrity. Well done you! :-). It is fascinating to see those sorts of stats and be able to find out their true implications. I still can't quite get my head around how it is possible to get on page one for any meaningful keywords when all the best domains were taken ages ago. Im looking forward to seeing more of your results and maybe some anecdotal background on how you achieved them. Thanks for sharing.
HomeCounties Premium
having a good domain is just 1 step, it is not the be all and end all, don't focus to much on that, its all about quality content and user viewability.
GMG224 Premium
Thanks Terry... I'll keep that in mind! :-)
KatieMac Premium
That is wonderful well done it is always a morale boost when we get decent results
HeyItsMeLori Premium
Ha! Well you can boast that you are the number one ranked dog trainer in your "category"! Good job!
Sheila50 Premium
Way to go and congrats!
MayurR Premium
Excellent news Home Counties! Keep going on the same path!