Leaving just for a while

Last Update: October 24, 2015

Hi everyone, I am, as of now, leaving the WA for just a little while so i can concentrate on a couple of other things leading up to the festive season (my busiest time of year) and i just do not have the funds to warrant having a dormant account sitting here.

I will be back, i always end up coming back lol, the support here is amazing, i have some great contacts and have had some great help when needed. I hope i have also managed to help other people in some small way also.

Do not give up, you can do this.

For now, take care and i shall be back again soon *waves*


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szmcgill Premium
Take Care....Be Safe.....And hurry back
Stay Blessed
Empressjo Premium
Wishing you safe travels during your busy times & see you on the flip slide!
ValerieJoy Premium
Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you return later.
Bye for now and take care :)
BobZeiss Premium
Have a good one
fmwaniki Premium
wishing you all the best in your endavours