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Last Update: September 28, 2015

Hey all, i am on fire with the blog posts lately, my website has 3-4 blog posts pending, by pending i mean i have written them. and will publish 2-3 a week, i do find this hard though, i am not great at stacking, if i write 3 blog posts in a day i will want to publish all of them within a hour of each other, but im learning not too.

One thing i am really struggling with is keyword implementation to get ranking for a broad search, I have been told the content i am writing is quality, but whats the point if no one is seing it. So if my blog is about 'is dog training undervalued and why' what keywords would suit a blog about this and how would i implement them in to the article.

my website blog is

Thanks All

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KatieMac Premium
It could be the way google are viewing you as you do have a lot of affiliate links in one page. you do have quality content , also did not see your cookie notice on your site this is needed for all those with in the EU if you need to do one it is simple
HomeCounties Premium
Thank you, especially for the link :)
KatieMac Premium
hope it helps have a good weekend
lycefair Premium
I too have written a few posts ahead. In my case its due to doing what I can when on the website (and thats not on a really regular schedule right now). Keywords seem to be a struggle for everyone (new) . I did my searches as suggested on google and the keyword tool here and jaaxy. It took some time for me to get keywords for mine. I finally did every variation of my subject I could think of and then fine tuned a few of my words with those suggested. Other than that I don't think I can be of much help. But others will surely know more.
Jovestone Premium
Hi! I'm not the one to give advice about keywords, but I understand that dilemma about publishing. Yes, you just need to sit on those posts a while, and make them work for you. What I do is write several on my Ubuntu note bads, so easy to go and improve on them any time, works for me. By the way, have you read this fantastic Mother Nature Network article:
RonCramer Premium
Nice blog! Thanks.