Going through some changes

Last Update: September 27, 2015

So, Going through some changes specifically with my main website


Now, bare in mind i do not run this site with site rubix or wordpress, i just can't get on with wordpress and i feel you have to be comfortbale with a chosen platform to build a site, i use a company called create.net, for me, i just like it, and its cheap, 1 question that eluds me though is my blog section with RSS feed, i have a few blog articles, some of which are quite old now, and i have added meta keywords,description etc.... but they simply do not rank anywhere in google (or any of the search engines) that i can see, yet my main webiste content does, so i had a thought.

Do i change from the allocated 'Blog' section which has a RSS feed and just have a blog box on my sites main menu with the articles in a dropdown box, the blog would then be part of my main site and content and in theory, my way of thinking, should get crawled/ranked better, or is that not the case, very confusing, if i did this i would lose the RSS feed option BUT it would be included in my sitemap, something which the current blog set up is not, and can't be.

This is where i am at, do i don't i, and this is where WA and the training can't help me as its all geared toward wordpress.

Opinions welcome :)

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lycefair Premium
Sorry, that's beyond my scope right now. But I'm sure that someone will come on soon to answer this for you.
Jovestone Premium
Sorry, I can't help you there, but this just reminded me of the fact that all platforms have their weaknesses. I was very much used to Blogger, and miss some of the features there that WordPress doesn't have. Hope you find a satisfactory and working solution!
HomeCounties Premium
Yeah as amazing as WA is, and it still has a ton of things i can learn from, a large % of it is based around wordpress, which if you don't use it is no real help :/