Changed my mind

Last Update: October 20, 2015

So, when i first started at WA i was of the opinion that having 20 websites is better than 1, and i guess that is true IF all 20 are a success, but starting out from nothing i am starting to see that building 1 concrete, quality website is the way to go and the rest can follow over time, Often the best ranked things in search engines are older articles, things that may have been written 3-4 years ago, not everything obviously, but a lot. So i have now changed my approach, i am going to concentrate on 1 quality, content rich, keyword perfect, ranking perfect website, i am then going to work on keeping it that way for some time and then and only then shall i concentrate on websites 2-3-4-5 etc.....

This is not a sprint but a marathon.

Enjoy the ride and NEVER give up.

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MaryKidd Premium
I agree. Focusing on one Web site and making it the best it can be seems to be your best bet for having a successful business.
ElisaGunnar Premium
Yes! I have an existing web site which was built for me, and when I joined WA I am building my own so that I can then also go back to #1 with better understanding on how to improve and tweak that one as well as growing with #2 and to include the affiliate opportunities. New ideas for other niches as well, but I do believe in "less is more". Rather focus on a smaller area/task do it very well, and then go from there again!
KatieMac Premium
That is good when I first joined I remember Kyle saying it is best to have one great site rather than a few mediocre ones...
FarshidR Premium
I agree! Keep up the good work.
jm88ddwm Premium
I can concur with that. Just trying to concentrate on perfecting the first one is hard enough. One awesome site at a time and they will grow exponentially.