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October 24, 2015
Hi everyone, I am, as of now, leaving the WA for just a little while so i can concentrate on a couple of other things leading up to the festive season (my busiest time of year) and i just do not have the funds to warrant having a dormant account sitting here.I will be back, i always end up coming back lol, the support here is amazing, i have some great contacts and have had some great help when needed. I hope i have also managed to help other people in some small way also.Do not give up, you ca
October 21, 2015
I saw someone do a similar blog about there keywords ranking so i got inspired to check my own website stats, bare in mind my website was always supposed to be a localized small niche site, only targeting local people, it is only the last 2 months or so that i have tried to internationalize it so it has tips/advice on it relevent to anyone, anywhere.Keyword 'dog trainer in kent' page 1 google, position 8Keyword 'dog training advice'page 4 google position 37keyword 'best dog trainer in kent'page
October 20, 2015
So, when i first started at WA i was of the opinion that having 20 websites is better than 1, and i guess that is true IF all 20 are a success, but starting out from nothing i am starting to see that building 1 concrete, quality website is the way to go and the rest can follow over time, Often the best ranked things in search engines are older articles, things that may have been written 3-4 years ago, not everything obviously, but a lot. So i have now changed my approach, i am going to concentr
October 06, 2015
So i have broken in to the top 500 and as of writing this sit at 430, which means i am spending to much time here lol.In all seriousness, this is generally a great place with helpful people and great information.I guess the next aim is to keep improving, helping, breaking the top 200 and earning some £Lets go.
October 05, 2015
If someone comments on my timeline and i click reply, it lets me type in a message and submit, but the message never appears, like its not gone through, is anyone else having this, is it a problem with WA.
October 05, 2015
Bit of a cheeky blog this, but thats me all over hehe, you don't ask you don't get and all that.My main website www.homecountiesdogtraining.comIt ranks ok for a lot of search terms, ive been told the content is quality and the site looks clean and proffsional, my problem is this, my main competitors It looks like they have paid someone to do it for them, i like and dislike some of it but you can see everywhere how they have managed to throw keywords in left right
September 29, 2015
Just a little update on where i am at, hopefully it will inspire others not to give up, i have only had 2 full months as a premium member (i had a 3 month sabatical in between from WA) but this is where i am at as of today.I am rank 545 in this wonderful communityI have referred 25 people to WA (although as yet none have gone premium and only 2 have completed set up)I have completed all of the training apart from the affiliate bootcamp trainingI have 3 websites which are on-going, they arewww.h
Hey all, i am on fire with the blog posts lately, my website has 3-4 blog posts pending, by pending i mean i have written them. and will publish 2-3 a week, i do find this hard though, i am not great at stacking, if i write 3 blog posts in a day i will want to publish all of them within a hour of each other, but im learning not too.One thing i am really struggling with is keyword implementation to get ranking for a broad search, I have been told the content i am writing is quality, but whats th
September 27, 2015
So, Going through some changes specifically with my main website www.homecountiesdogtraining.comNow, bare in mind i do not run this site with site rubix or wordpress, i just can't get on with wordpress and i feel you have to be comfortbale with a chosen platform to build a site, i use a company called, for me, i just like it, and its cheap, 1 question that eluds me though is my blog section with RSS feed, i have a few blog articles, some of which are quite old now, and i have added m