Why I Removed Google Adsense Ads From My Blog

Last Update: January 19, 2018

At the beginning of the year I removed an Adsense plug-in from my blog, and my site speed instantly went up!

However, at that time I was not yet ready to remove Google ads from my blog altogether. I remembered the glory days of a previous blog where I was getting a lot of traffic and earning a massive $1 a day on average from Google! I loved it when a payment from Google suddenly appeared in my bank account!

Woohoo, free money from the Internet!

Actually, the free cash from Google was a little less than I was spending on advertising to get the traffic to my site in the first place! LOL!

Anyway, when I built my current blog on Site Rubix, I added Google ads. Most days my earnings were zero, but occasionally I'd earn a few cents or even a dollar or more when someone left my site via a Google ad.

So, when I removed the Adsense plug-in, I manually posted Google ads into my weekly newsletter posts.

Jay's Live Video Class Adsense Advice

Yes, I had heard Jay tell us on one (or more) of his Live Video Classes why he doesn't have Adsense ads on his site. Adsense ads may earn us some quick cash, but in doing so they send people away from our blogs.

A blog is a kind of funnel that should have a single aim of getting people to "know, like and trust" us enough to buy from us. Posting Google ads detracts from that purpose.

Yes, I knew that, but...

More Good Advice From A WA Blog Post

Then I read a fellow WA member's blog in which he said something similar. He also pointed out that Google ads are more suited to news-type sites, not to our kind of affiliate marketing sites.

And this time, the little nagging doubt that Jay had initiated suddenly made sense. The drip-drip of good advice absorbed over time, and my own re-thinking of what I am trying to achieve with my blog, finally had an effect. It made more sense not to have Adsense on my blog!

Adsense Deleted!

I started deleting those pesky Google ads, and I can now say that my blog is free of Google ads altogether! I think the blog posts look better now they are not interrupted in mid flow with a Google ad, when it renders, or a white gap when it doesn't render.

So, thanks to the inspiration of my fellow WA members, my focus just got sharper.

That is the power of a community like this. We may not apply the lessons when we first receive them, but by staying engaged with the community, the power of repetition begins to have an effect.

All the best,

David Hurley


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Sftat Premium
I'm with you on this one, David. Right after I placed a few test ads, following Kyles training, I checked my post and saw some disturbing content in an ad. It became clear that the bots that decide what is appropriate for my site are NOT in my control. If ads for porn or competing technology are on my site, I can't imagine that helps credibility and trust with prospects or customers. I pulled the ads then, and I've never looked back.

I think the idea of using them on news sites makes sense. On our sites, not so much...

hirohurl Premium
That's an other good point against posting Adsense ads. We can't completely control what ads appear on our site.
techhound Premium
I have used the approach of sending my email traffic to a non sales page and putting up adsense on those pages. It makes me some money but I wouldn't count on it for steady income. I keep adsense away from any and all sales pages.

Also, people should be aware that sending PPC traffic to pages with Adsense is against their rules and could result in a ban. I believe it used to be allowed, but people abused the privilege and just set up pages for the purpose of sending PPC traffic and offered no value on those pages.
hirohurl Premium
Thank you for the tip. Sending our list subscribers to pages where there are Adsense ads is an interesting idea.

Since they are already on our list we won't lose them to Adsense, unless the site of an Adsense ad would cause them to unsubscribe! LOL!
mikegsaiz Premium
Thanks for the info, been on the fence on this one myself. I really like the clean look of my website. Take care.

hirohurl Premium
Hi Mike,

Yes, Adsense ads placed in the body of a blog post can look quite ugly. A clean blog post clear of distracting ads is the way to go, as I now understand!
Fleeky Premium
Removed them after one day...
imthedamo Premium
Yea not an adsense fan myself.