Just Finished Go-Getters Training Day 2.

Last Update: January 30, 2018

I started working on Bo Tipton's Go-Getters coaching course last night.

Work Out Your Schedule!

One of the questions was, how many hours are you going to work? And what will your schedule be?

That forced me to break down my weekly hours, which was difficult because my schedule changes several times a year.

So I decided to calculate for the maximum hours that I'd be working and see how much time it would leave. It looked pretty bad and I was tempted to use it as an excuse NOT to commit to the training course, but just to "follow along"...

A Week In My Life When Teaching A Full Schedule

168 hours in a week, of which,

Teaching = 44 hours during the peak months of the year (October-January)...

Commuting = 18 hours

Meals & cooking = 14 hours

Sleep = 42 hours

Personal care & working out = 10 hours

SUB TOTAL = 128 hours

That leaves 40 hours for everything else. I'm planning to follow Bo's coaching for one blog, and Kyle's for another blog, while maintaining my current primary blog and business tasks.


Current blog/business tasks = 10 hours

Kyle's training = 10 hours

Bo's training = 20 hours during the college spring vacation (February and March) and 10 hours from April to December.

TOTAL (max) hours = 168... LOL!

That looks crazy given all the other stuff that can happen during the week, BUT I'm not expecting actually to have to teach 44 hours per week until October when the autumn term begins.

"Iacta alea est" - The die is cast

As I said, I hesitated over whether to commit to this or not. BUT my goal is to build a profitable online business, and my signature is #InspiredFocus (thanks to Evan Carmichael's book, Your One Word).

SO... it's time to live up to the dream and plunge across the Rubicon's icy current...

And so this morning I decided to commit to 20 hours per week during February and March, and then 10 hours per week for the rest of the year.

So I sent Bo the Private Message that commits me to the course...

Then got on with completing the Day 1 training left over from yesterday...

Google Analytics Now On My New Blog

The result is that I installed Google Analytics on my new blog as Bo wants to track our progress.

My first Analytics report to Bo was nice and easy: traffic = ZERO!

Then I got on with the training for Day 2...

Today's main task was a bit of a surprise at first. We had to go over our blog posts and make sure we had enough relevant images on them. By "enough," Bo means a word/image ration of between 300/1 and 100/1.

Here's one of the images I added to the blog, it's of my daughter and me while on a day trip to Miyajima island in Japan (where we live) last May. :)

I have published three blog posts so far, so I went over them and added two or three images to each one. That took a while because I had to spend a while searching for or creating images.

Call To Action

I then went back over two of the blog posts to strengthen the call-to-action as per Bo's command. The third post is promoting the primary product (an e-book) but that is not yet published, so I will add the CTA once the ebook can actually be purchased.

And that's it for Day 2!

It's going to be tough, but...

David Hurley


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Chris2005 Premium
Also doing the Go-Getters training. Making a dedicated training time is one thing that will separate the people who do well and those that struggle. I am lucky that I do not have a regular job. Good luck on your tight schedule.
hirohurl Premium
Creating viable plans is definitely the key to success. The next step is to turn the key, open the door and walk the walk!
Chris2005 Premium
Lets go
hirohurl Premium
My first schedule challenge kicks in tomorrow, or as it is 12:45am already here in Japan. I'll be up around 5:30am to head out to my morning classes. That will kick my Go-Getters schedule back into the afternoon, and Kyle's training prep into the evening, after I get back from an evening class.

Happily, my Friday college classes have already finished, so I can make up for lost time then if necessary...

Let's go! (But first I'm going to bed! LOL!)
SondraM Premium
Great job David. I too am doing a similar thing as you. I was scrambling with Google Analytics last night because I've been using Google's search console for what ever reason.

When it came time to going through the old posts to ensure that we had photographs, I was glad that I didn't have very many posts at that moment.

That is a cute picture of you and your daughter. I hope day three goes as well and that we can keep our momentum.
DianneBee Premium
I too have not been using google analytics. I was surprised to see that the blog I've neglected the most (and hadn't thought of working on in this new momentum) has the best traffic. Go figure. Glad to know I've done something right!
hirohurl Premium
Me too. I'm glad I chose a new blog for the Go-Getters training. .. I had just three public blog posts to add extra images to today, and that took up most of my scheduled time.

However, now I have some images that I can post on Pinterest and Instagram... Let's see if that's what Bo wants us to do next...
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Great job

Tried and true

hirohurl Premium
Thank you Elaine!

And soon to be truly tired! LOL!
RogerHumbke Premium
If you keep to the schedule you set you are going to see some fantastic results. On top of all that you are ranking #71.
hirohurl Premium
Thanks Roger,

Over the last couple of years I've narrowed my focus, but I still don't think I could do it without the outside pressure of having Bo Tipton on my case!

Even so, it will be a challenge, but I really do want to build my online business to a new level this year.
EdC1 Premium
Great job!
hirohurl Premium
Thank you! This is only the beginning...