How To Improve Your Blog Post With A Kiss

Last Update: January 10, 2018

Here's how to improve your blog post with a k i s s.

I promise you, once you've given one blog post a k i s s, you'll promiscuously wish to give them all a k i s s. ;)

Othello gave Desdemona a kiss after he'd murdered her. But when you give your blog post a k i s s you will bring it back to life.

The problem with a lot of blog posts is that they are too difficult to read. The sentences are too long. Every sentence has to do too much work.

Why do you use long words when there are short ones that are just as good?

Which is better?

  • To demonstrate your erudition by the employment of a concatenation of technical jargon arranged in overly elaborate grammatical structures, the deployment of which merely serves to exasperate and alienate the intended target market?
  • Or to use simple words in short sentences that help people find answers to their problems?

If you focus on the needs of the reader, you will use short words in short sentences.

That is how to improve your blog post with a k i s s.

You will Always Keep It Short and Simple.

You may call it "dumbing down," but who would you rather read, Faulkner or Hemmingway?

Here's what Hemmingway said about Faulkner:

"Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words? He thinks I don’t know the ten-dollar words. I know them all right. But there are older and simpler and better words, and those are the ones I use.”

What if you are not sure if your blog posts are simple enough?

Here's a free tool that will help you to learn how to improve your blog post and make it easier to read. It checks your blog post reading level and gives it a "school grade."

It is on the website of Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall is the guy who knows the most about Google Adwords. (If you want to run a Pay Per Click campaign, read Perry Marshall before you start...)

How To Improve Your Blog Post With Perry Marshall's Reading Grade Tool

1. Copy and paste your blog post into the tool. Click the "Check Text Readability" button.

2. The tool will check your text and give it a school grade score.

3. Perry Marshall says keep your blog copy in the Grade 4-7 range. (Reading age = grade +5). If your blog post is within that range, well done! But if not, go to step 4...

4. Make your blog post easier to read. Here how:

  • Cut out 4 syllable words and replace them with 2 syllable words.
  • Turn long sentences into two short sentences.
  • Each sentence should express just one idea or thought.
    • Make sure each sentence gets right to the point.
  • Keep your paragraphs short.

In short, that is how to improve your blog post with a kiss - by always keeping it short and simple, with the help (if you need it) of Perry Marshall's reading grade tool.

Good luck!

David Hurley


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PMindra Premium
Hi, David.
Thanks for taking the time to simplify your post and sharing.
It will help me a lot.


MKearns Premium
Thank you for this assessment tool David!
hirohurl Premium
Hi Mike,

I'm especially glad that you like it. You know what? It was your post with the "dumbed down" Rubics cube that sparked the idea.

I hasten to add that I agree that we don't want or get dumbed down training here at WA, but as marketers we do need to keep the message plain and simple. I also break that rule far too often.
DEversley Premium
This is wonderful advice, David!
I will certainly heed this advice.

hirohurl Premium
Thank you, David.

Glad you found it useful.
imthedamo Premium
Great stuff love the tool, thank you.
hirohurl Premium
My pleasure, Damo! Thank you.
BillM62 Premium
David, this is a great post that will help me immensely. My recent post has a grade level of 9.8, so I have some simplification work to do. Thanks for the link to and the suggestions on simplifying things.

hirohurl Premium
Hi Bill,

Wow, that was quick! So glad you found my post helpful - and kudos to you for putting it to work straightaway.