Why Image marketing is a powerful tool for new Affiliate Marketers

Last Update: Nov 30, 2022

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Image marketing for new affiliate marketers

Did you know that 93% of all customers Think Images is a Key factor when making a purchase? (Google)

So that is why you as a new affiliate marketer should be aware of this when you market your offers online.

When I started writing articles I just picked images I liked and hoped others would like them too.

I could not afford to buy high quality stock photos so I just used a lot of free pictures without royalty on.

I am no image marketing consultant or Graphic designer, but I believe that Pictures can say more than 1000 words sometimes.

I have become more aware of my use of images since I started with Affiliatemarketing.

How to use Images to get more traffic and leads?

As a new affiliate marketer you can use Images to attract traffic and your Audience.

In attraction marketing Images are used very effectively to attract the right type of customers.

Nike, Coca Cola and pepsi are of course the classical examples of Image marketing and proof of how effective it can be when the images are targeted and backed up by a conscious strategy.

Affiliatemarketing and the make money online niche often shows images of people earning money or having a dream lifestyle their audience would like to have.

It is a science in itself really. So many psychological factors that plays an important role.

Images Communicate

Image marketing is an effective way to communicate with your audience on your website and socials.

So when you write an article on your website, do you think about the visuals as well?

I think it is very interesting to see how different marketers use images to promote themselves and their offers.

Some have pictures overload and others almost nothing.

And on social media I have often seen that the most ugliest pictures are the ones that get peoples attention.

Images can tell a different story than words

The most powerful images have all the elements of a captive story and expresses your message in a different way than words can do.

Images appeals to our senses in so many ways.

So boosting your written content with powerful relevant pictures will only attract more traffic and leads

Just do not overdo it.

Images Sell

So if Images are a key factor in a customers decision to buy stuff online, perhaps new affiliate marketers ought to use more pictures to amplify their message to make more sales?

But what images sell?

I use many free design tool online with good quality pictures to make social posts and create pictures for my website.

But it takes time to create images so I love that there are so many new tools out there now that can help affiliatemarketers create targeted images for their audience.

It is not always easy to choose the right picture for your article or blog.

You may love the picture while others hate it.

That is just how it is. Failure or success.

What is your Brand image as a new affiliate marketer?

So as new affiliate marketers your use of images will give people a certain perception of who you are and of your business.

So after reading this blogpost you may do some reflections on how you as a new affiliate marketers use images and how your audience may percieve them.

Do you have a strategy or is it just random what pictures you use?

What are you trying to communicate with your images and what are you trying to acheive with using the images you use?

Have you even thought about it?

Let me know in the comments how you use Images in your Affiliate marketing

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Recent Comments


Oh yes, itsmost important that the images are relevant help to convey the message.

Great post, Hilde!


Thank you Rudy! on a scale from 1 to 10 How important is images to you when making a purchase?

I would say 8 - 10, based on the subject matter and/or topic. Images can influence our emotions, and are not always a topical representation.

Same question to you, Hilde. How do you rate an image when decifing on a purchase?


Noteworthy and timely. Good job Hilde.

Thank you Warren!

Absolutely spot on! Images can be the deciding factor in a customers mind! I am going to revisit some of my images now and make sure they correlate with my writing!

Thank you and all the best

Lol. I am thinking of doing the same. Looking at my first posts I made I can clearly see I had no image strategy. But as we become more aware we can change for the better, right?

Thank you, Hilde, for sharing such a useful information.
I am new around here and posts like this one are totally amazing.
They show how good the community is in fact, awesome!

Wish you all the best,


Thank you Luka. As a new affiliate marketer there is a lot to learn. Do not get overwhelmed. Take one step at a time. I have not paid enough attention to the pictures I use while learning affiliate marketing. But now I want to be more aware of it and try to apply it

As they say, Hilde! A picture can equal a thousand words! You make a very valid point. We must make sure that our images are spot-on and relevant to what we are attempting to promote!


I agree :) I can be much better with using images and think more about how to use them

I will be watching, and might try that at some point too, Hilde!

Best success to you!


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