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Last Update: Sep 13, 2020

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It is not for me

I know you have said it once when you were not interested in something or you were unsure if you could do something or something did not work out the way you planned or expected. Am I right?

But what if it was for you?

Have you ever thought about the old saying: Each and one of us is our own happines smith?

What if your thoughts, beliefs and self doubts stop you from doing what you really want to do?

What would happen if you believed it was possible for you to do it? Just think about it for a moment.

You are your own Happiness smith

Starting at the Free trial with Wealthy Affiliate you will have many thoughts about the company, your business opportunities, yourself etc.

Everyone who wants to start a business online have many questions they want an answer to before they take action and actually do it. I know, because I have been there and done that.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free trial forces you at one point to ask yourself Is this for me?

Can I do this? Will I succeed with this?

And you need to give yourself the answer.

Your mind will wander in the valley between This is for me and I could never do this. Back and forth and back and forth. You want to, but your fear of failing is stopping you.

Your beliefs about yourself are starting to show - your doubts about yourself suddenly rushes to the surface and tell you:

Hey! Who do you think you are? You think you are something big here? You think you can be successful online? You tried before, but it did not go so well, remember? You write like a pre schooler, no one will read a thing you write. And what do you know about setting up Websites, writing articles, SEO and Social Media and marketing? You know nothing and you want to do this? You are just going to look like an old fart if you do this. Think of what your friends might say. You think you can compete with all the pretty young influencers out there and all the knowledgeable veterans who have been in the industry for ages?

Come on! Keep on dreaming!

Not to tell you what your friends will probably tell you:

Right, we heard it before - Good luck! and That is not for you. We know you. They will convince you that this is not such a good Idea for you. What if you fail? They seen you fail before. They care about you and do not want to see you hurt. What if you never make it and stand there with the beard in the mailbox.

They will tell you all the failing stories they have heard about people who experienced scams online, never earned a dollar, so you start to believe you are a major failure yourself before you even started.

When you get the offer to be a Premium member for $19 the first month you really want to do it. I know. It is a real good deal. Very affordable price. You will not find such an offer anywhere else.

You are curious about what is the difference between Free trial and Premium. Will it be worth it? You will not find out unless you become a member.

At the same time, you hold yourself back and tell yourself: This is probably just a scam. Your friends are probably right, What do you know about online business? You will never succeed and see that money again. It is better not even to think about it. What were you even thinking? You becoming an Affiliatemarketer? Just forget about it.

But still you think about it. Because you have a dream. What if? That What if is really nagging you.You would love to do what you love, to be your own boss, work from home, learn new things, connect with new people and earn a lot of money. You just need someone to show you how to do it. You are willing to learn an work hard to get what you want if you just know what you need to do to get there. Am I right?

It can be extremely difficult to make up your mind about what to do, if you do not know why you want to do it,what you get when you do it and who to trust and how to do it.

But You need to make up your mind. Should I take this offer or not? Is it a good offer? You start searching for answers outside yourself to find information that might back up on your suspicious thoughts that you may have in the back of your mind that tells you this is not a good idea. You are looking for confirmation and an excuse for not doing what you want to do..

You are sitting on the fence looking in when all you need to do is :to make a decision and go for it.

You would probably think making decisions are easy, but it is not easy when you are not sure about the outcome and fear what people will say and how you will feel if it does not turn up the way you wanted it to.

So You will probably say Sorry! :It is not for me. That is fine if you really mean it:
Or, it is the easy way which means you are not emotionally and mentally ready to start an online business at this moment. You are too much controlled by your inner fears. So you need to work with that before anything else.

When you say these words It is not for me to yourself - How do you really feel? Does it feel correct? Are you sure that it is not for you? What make you take this decision? Who have you been listening too? Who said this was not for you? Was it others or yourself? Take a moment and just think about it. There is only one right answer: The one that is right for you.

What if you succeed?

I think if you really have a passion and a inner voice that tells you Go for it! This is for you! Get started! You should listen to this inner voice. Do not let self doubts, other people or fear of failing stop you. Believe in yourself and your dream no matter what.

There are many people who have been told they are zeros and never would do for anything by other people and done great things because they believed in themselves.

They believed so much in their own ability to do it even if they did not know how to do it and even if everyone thought they were nuts.

If Kyle and Carson had not thought they could start Wealthy Affiliate You would never been here now. And many people would not have had the opportunity to get a real good deal and start a business online. And many of us in Wealthy Affiliate would never have connected and made valuable friendships, business partnerships and more.

As you know they started out with two empty hands and a Keyword list: You can read the Amazing story Here:

Did they know everything? No

Did they know if they could succeed? - No

But they did ONE thing - They started by telling themselves

This is for me. I can do this! The rest is history.

You will never know if you never start. And you will never succeed if you are not willing to fail.

The truth is that the only ones who really fail are those who never start or give up.

So I am just left with one single question to you that you need to answer yourself now at the end of the Free trial. Should you take the offer to go Premium?

Only you can make the decision.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

No Wealthy Affiliate is not for me.

If you are sure then you have at least made your decision after going through the free trial.

You have learned what Wealthy Affiliate is about through the free trial, You have learned how to set up a website and you have gone through 10 marketing and SEO lessons and used the Jaaxy tool. You have learned valuable Keyword techniques and how to write content.

You have learned how to promote Wealthy affiliate program with your link. And you have learned about the lucrative Jaaxy affiliate Program as well. You have done a lot just during this Free trial. Imagine how much you could manage if you chose to proceed?

You are now walking away from a golden opportunity but with more skills and new value than when you started that can become very handy for you later on. I wish you all the best.

Yes! Wealthy Affiliate is for me!

Upgrade to Premium here.

I look forward to follow your journey Inside WA and give you a hand whenever you need it.

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Great post

Thank you Dorrie!

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Glad you like it! 😄

Great post thank you very much for sharing

Thank you Lisa!

You are very welcome my friend

Hi Hilde,

It looks like you are writing a funnel for your WA site. Your approach sounds very confident.

Nice job! :-)

Thanks Frank! It just popped out quite this today when I sat down to write a blogpost. My intention was to write a short oiece, but it had its own life and will so It became longer. Well you may say it is a part of a funnel. The Wealthy Affiliate funnel 😄

I think that describes the feelings of many very accurately Hilde.
Especially the friends and family trying to put you off because it will take your time away from them and there is also the fear that you will succeed and they will be left behind.

The thing is, if you don't try, you will never know if you could succeed or not.
No one ever got old wishing they hadn't tried things, they all regret the things they didn't do.

Exactly Linda! I work with old people and one thing they all tell me is the: I wish I had done more, dared more, risked more etc. The list is long.

That's why I tell younger family members to try things. If they don't like it, at least they tried it.

I think that is great! I do the same with my kids.

Mine are grandkids and the newest is a great grandchild.Lol.

Congrats! I have two action boys! Teenagers Lol.

Ahhh, not the easiest time. Make sure they keep talking, it's a tough time to get through.

Tell me about it! Only one is teenager - the other is 24

Lol, much the same then

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