Salesy Friday Blues

Last Update: February 18, 2022

Friday ends well

Two new sales that are recurring and two sales that are one off sales.

Great feeling to see my efforts bear some fruit once more.

It is not only about putting your link out there so people can find your offers.

It is all about the follow up of your prospects and leads.

When you focus on helping your leads the magic happens.

People approach you to get some help . You help them solve their problem.

No matter if you are a newbie or a super affiliate this is the secret to more sales.

The money is in your Follow up

I have come to learn that The money is not int he list - it is in your follow up.

If you do not follow up on your prospects or your leads questions and help them forward you will most likely loose them.

Not everyone you follow up will become your buyers, but at least you did an effort to help them. They will remember you for that and might return t you later on.

Building relations

It may sound simple, but newbies and even well driven and experienced marketers struggle with getting real relations with their audience.

A huge reason is that you do not know your audience well enough.

The symptoms are clear:

Only a few reply to your emails, Only a few contact you to ask for help.

Most people signing up to your newsletter or freebies have no intention taking any action.

You get few or no sales.

Do not take my word for it. Look at stats online. And look at your own stats.

If you have high engagement stats then you did something right in your targeting.

You hit your audience spot on.

So here are my best tips for you this week.

Get a follow up system

Having a good follow up system in place is crucial if you want to aquire passive income.

A system that guides your prospect and lead from where he is to where he want to be.

I am not only talking about setting up an automated sequence of emails here.

I am talking about real conversations, pipelines, automation flows and much more.

After I implemented a follow up system and actively interacted more with my leads on a regular basis my results have increased.

Do not underestimate the Human touch

You need to build relations to build the know, like and trust factor everyone talk about online. When I started out I often heard that People will not buy from you unless they know, like and trust you.

It scared me a bit, because I did not know a lot of people and who knew me?

I was brand new online. In my mind it was clear that Ihad to focus on building relations.

I learned that this is in many ways true - especially when it comes to more high ticket products and offers.


Building relations implies having regular conversations with your audience.

Via your website comments, blog comments, In email and Social media just to mention a few. ways you can engage with your audience.

You need to talk with them, get to know them well and help them.

But most importantly Listen to them.

Give them the attention, Human touch and time.

So I want you to ask yourself a few questions

Do you have regular interaction and conversations with your audience?

How do you interact with them?

Do you know their passions, interests and aspirations?

How is that working for you right now?

Let me know by adding a comment below.

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very awesome for you, Hilde, and some great advice here too!

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Yup! :) Love Fridays like this :)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Me too, Hilde!

Dave07 Premium
First class article Hilde and lots of great advice.
It’s so true that you will only do business if you actually spend time building relationships with potential customers.

Keep up the good work

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you Dave! Good to see you in here again. You have been one of my good guides in here. Thanks a lot
Newme202 Premium
Nothing beats genuine human interaction ;)
Well done and congratulations on your sales
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Exactly Simone :)
Newme202 Premium
Awesome :)
phil1944 Premium
A wonderful article, Hilde. Totally obvious but so few actually do it.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you! Yes I know, Are people afraid of communicating? I have had so many interesting conversations with people and many of them even lead to sales.
phil1944 Premium
Most people don't understand how that works. People trust those who genuinely try to help them.