Are you Going the extra mile?

Last Update: April 16, 2022

Today I have a question for you that I want you to reflect a bit on.

How many miles are you willing to go to make your online business rolling?

I have been following many of the super affiliates and coaches online. I have read and listened to their stories.

Most of them came to a point where they had to go an extra mile just to achieve their goals. They had to go the extra mile for a period of time to make success.

I will give you a few examples so you fully understand what I am talking about here.

Some extra mile stories

One Norwegian marketer I tok a course with said that she was on welfare when she started.

All she owned was a car and her belongings. She moved out of her flat to save money and was sleeping in her car for months to save up money to g to America to get coached by Tony Robbins. She did it and today she is earning millions on her online courses.

Brendon Burchard, a leading personal development coach, was Living on his girlfriends money and was drowned in depth before he started affiliate marketing which eventually lead him to build his coaching empire.

Tony Robbins said in one interview he had many different jobs situated on different parts of town where he lived and he had to walk on foot because he did not have a car. Today he is one of the best known figures in the coaching world.

Jim Rohn worked for free for a long period of time for his mentor just so he could learn the secrets to success.

Others are working extra hours and helping prospects and customers to succeed.

These are just a few stories, but if you do some research, you will find that many other known figures have had to walk the extra mile at some point and do uncomfortable things before they made success.

I do not think anyone really wants to sleep in a car , live on their partners money, walk long distances on foot to work or work for free unless there is something more valuable in sight like a bigger dream or goal.

Are you willing to go an extra mile for your online business?

I have been thinking about what am I willing to do for my online business.

Could I walk long distances (hours) on foot from job to job?. I have done that myself at one point although I used a bicycle. At least you get in a good shape.

Could I sleep in a car? I guess I could, but my children would not be very happy to do so and I would not let them do that unless I really had to.If I was alone I definitely could.

Could I live on my partners money for a while? Well I guess only if it was ok for my partner and I knew I would be able to pay back at some point in time. But I would not feel very comfortable with it.

Could I work several years for free? Could I? I am not sure. I might if my basic needs for shelter and food were covered.

Could I work extra hours? Yes I definitely could

Could I offer extra help to my prospects and customers to help them succeed? Yes I could

What about you? would you be willing to do to go the extra mile? or have you already walked the extra mile for your online business?

Look forward to hear your thoughts

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phil1944 Premium
I'm happy to help others for free for two reasons. One is what goes around comes around and the other is that teaching is one of the best forms of learning. And you put in whatever hours are needed without calculating an hourly rate.
muslimah Premium
I try to make the most of each day.
Yes, willing to go the extra mile to scale my business.
Great food for thought, Thank you.
QiMindset Premium Plus
This is a thoughtful post, Hilde!

Yes, I'll walk the extra mile, add the extra value, take the extra time, give up comfort and whatever it takes to make this business work.

My why is greater that the obstacles that stand between success and now.

Keep on thriving, Hilde!

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Great to hear from you Hilde, and thanks for sharing the stories behind what many went through before they became successful!

Walking that extra mile is essential for success in most areas of our lives in my opinion... personally, I have lived in the back of a vehicle for a year or so back in the day, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds!

Take care my friend and enjoy the rest of your weekend!:-)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
The extra mile in many instances is what allows us to ramp-up our perseverance, Hilde! I tend to break things down to one day at a time, because we are not even guaranteed the next, so I make the most of each new one given to me, by our Creator!

An excellent post, my friend! Keep succeeding!

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thanks for your thoughts Jeffrey! Yes that is true. We never know how much time we got. But what are we willing to do with the time and resources we have?
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're very welcome, and we apply the time and resources we have to each new day we are allotted, Hilde! Tomorrow will get here soon enough if we have a tomorrow! Always live for the current day first! This is my opinion, anyway!