25 Exciting Months at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: April 07, 2022

Recurring commissions

This month started well .with recieving some good recurring commissions.

It is my 25th month at WA this month and I am slowly progressing towards my goals.

Yes I finally have consistent recurring commissions coming weekly.

It had not been possible without WA.


The last month I have struggled with writing posts for my website.

Not because I do not know what to write about or because I am lazy.

I have trillions of ideas.

This time it is finding time to get it all done.

To get all my ideas down on paper.

I have 24 hours every day to get it all done, but it has not been enough this month.

Not been so active on WA as I wanted to be.


I have used a lot of time setting up my crm system and creating workflows and funnels so I can operate all my follow ups in a smoother way.

One of my goals this year is to optimize and automate as much as possible.


I am reading a new book every month now that I study more in depth and try to see what parts of it I can implement into my work.

I have also created tons of checklists and been writing on an Ebook.

Sometimes it feels like I never will be finished with everything.

But I take it step by step and know I will get there in the end.


I have challenged myself and made more videoposts on Facebook lthough I am not very found of being in front of the camera. But I learn something new every time.

My Facebook/Meta stats are increasing month by month so that is good.

It is still the biggest traffic source in addition to Google so I use it for what it is worth


There have been more distractions than normal these last month.

The war in Ukraine which have had an impact for all of us who borders to Russia have been a major negative distraction for many.

Increase in prices on different services and goods also.

My good work ethic have been distracted by awful news as the horror of this situation is too feel and touch everywhere now.

Monthly Outlook

I hope this month will be better an that I manage to write and publish some more website posts.

When my automations are in box and I can focus on other stuff and learn something new.

Another goal this month is to scale my commissions and grow my list bigger.

I believe this month will be even better.

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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Way to go Hilde.

Since you live relatively close to Ukraine compared to us in the US, I can understand why you have been affected as you described.

However, I can also see the professionalism in you that will overcome these distractions. You have a plan on what actions you need to take. That is half the battle.

I wish you continued success in your online business.


roysinOnline Premium Plus
Congratulations on the 25 month Anniversary🎉🎂💥. You have, since the start, continued to grow steadily. And you are doing it by consistently meeting up each day and working on your business.

Way to go, Hilde! I have a feeling that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for you 💪

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you Roy. I certainly hope you are right Roy! 🎉🎂💥
I would rather grow in a good steady pace and be able to manage everything than grow really fast and not have everything in place.
roysinOnline Premium Plus
I follow the same philosophy as you, Hilde. A steady consistent pace and full control go a long way.

Lisa_Marie Premium Plus
Congrats on your recurring commissions being consistent and with all your progress thus far.

I understand the time struggle. I too have this and am trying to find ways to adjust to better be able to accomplish what is needed and not spread myself too thin.

I too struggle with videos. I am trying to record my screen and talk and that was hugely stepping out of my comfort zone. I plan to work myself up to showing my face.

I know the more we do it, the easier it will become!

I wish you all the best as you move forward. One day at a time, one step at a time and you will tackle those goals you have set ahead of yourself.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Yes I will for sure!
jghwebbrand Premium
Happy 25th month at WA.
You are most certainly growing your business and that is fantastic.
It's great to see you have monthly recurring commissions.

We like to provide checklists too because they are a "Quick Glance" help.

Yah, having so many ideas and not enough time is challenging, but on the other hand there are those who don't have any and they don't go anywhere. Automation will help in freeing up a some more time.

Here's to many more months of fruitfulness.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Thank you George! Yes hopefully it will be a fruitful year
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Keep going, Hilde. Fast or slow, the sad truth is we will NEVER ever have enough time to do all that we would wish to do! We simply do what we can each new day and keep going no matter what!

You are doing very well!

HildeRegine Premium Plus
Oh that time Jeffrey! :) Where did it go? Hopefully we spent it well.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It sure flies, Hilde, but I think that you have spent it better than I have, my friend!