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Increased Facebook trafficWell Facebook is still the biggest actor on Social Media and until now the engagement on my posts have been up and down. Sometines non existent to a fairly good result.But this week hit all heights on my posts and I also got an increase in new Email subscribers and referrals.Really awesome.New referrals and EarningsI got several new leads, referrals and some small earnings this week from different Affiliate Partners I promote. This is really great and I feel very gr
300,633 Words written in WA SitecontentAs I said A milestone never comes alone. April ended with 200 Written WA blogposts and May starts with two new milestones. Websitewords and articles.151 Website articles publishedThat is around 1,990 words on average per article. Weekly lookbackLast week I only wrote one post to my main website. Normally I write two. I had other things I focused on last week like creating new videos and working on my email funnels.I had several posts on page 1 in WA sitera
New WA MilestoneWell Wealthy Affiliaters! 200 WA blogs! It is kind of mind blowing to think about when I struggled to write 500 words from the start at Wealthy Affiliate.:)This was my very first blogpost: I have Just become a Premium memberBut things can truly change. Wealthy Affiliate can change your life.It took me exactly 14 months and two weeks to write 200 WA blogposts.I think that is up for a small celebration and a self made medal on a friday! I actually waited until today to publish it
Promotion MondayI got a message some time ago saying: I like what you do. I want to promote you:)A while ago I was contacted by a podcaster and a video creator on another platform who wanted to promote my website. I mean how could I say no to that?Actually I felt quite humble by the fact that someone wants to promote my stuff.I am officially promotedSo today my website was officially promoted on this persons podcast and videoplatforms.It felt kinda strange but fun. Normally people share my pos
Is Affiliatemarketing difficult to learn? This is one Question I got from one of my readers lately.I am sure that the person who asked me is not the only one who have this question so I decided to write a blogpost about it.My short answer is NO - it is not difficult to learn if you get good basic affiliate marketing training on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate.Becoming a good Affiliate marketerBecoming a good and successful affiliate marketer is not done overnight. It takes time like everythin
Traffic insightsDo you know where your traffic come from?When I started at WA I had no idea where my traffic came from, but after installing Google Analytics it all became much more clear to me. I really did not have any interest in analytics before. I thought it was really boring because I did not understand how to use it to my benefit.. In the Wealthy Affiliate training I started to understand how to read the numbers and how I could use it as a marketing tool. Now I found it much more intere
April 19, 2021
Monday rewardMonday Again and time for taking massive action to reach my goals this week. I woke up to another referral pling on my phone today and It was a really good start on my week. It was a referral to another affiliatepartner I have, but it was a new person on my list. And I am focusing more on building a list now this year.However it is Spring here in Norway now and the sun was shining today so I had to use a few hours in the garden to prepare for summer planting.It was wonderful with s
Some shared Friday HappinessYay! How cool is that? It is Friday evening and suddenly I heard some plings on my phone while out walking. I just had to look. Yess! Not only one but 4 referrals to 4 different affiliate programs I promote. One is a new WA referral. What more to say that it is just awesome ! Just had to share my excitement with you guys/girls.Have a wonderful Friday! and A big hug from me!
April 16, 2021
Today I noticed a few strange mails in my website mailbox that I suspect are scams . 1. First of all I need to say that I do not use PPC at all on any of my websites. 2. I am not displaying this email adress or ID on any of my Pinterest accounts as far as I know. But I have a link to my website from pinterest where my contact details are.Mail number 1I found your website listed under the Google sponsored listing for which you pay a significant amount. But sometimes this sponsored listing or PP
Happy Friday everyone! This week have been so busy and I almost forgot I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for 14 months already. Who could even believe that? I thought at the very beginning that WA was just a scam? lol :) ..... Yes I actually did until I went through the free trial. I just can not believe how time flies when you are doing Affiliatemarketing. Do you have that feeling too? And I had not envisioned how fun Affiliatemarketing can be at times. This week started off with a payment I ea