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Last Update: May 18, 2020

As I was lying in be this morning ((I am not an early riser) I heard a woman's voice coming from my living room. I didn't hear what she said the first time but I pricked up my ears and when she repeated the message I heard it loud and clear.

Who was this woman and why should she care whether I write a blog first thing on Monday morning? Well if you haven't guessed already it was Alexa and she repeats that message at 10 am every Mpnday morning. At noon she tells me to post on Instagram and at 3 pm she suggests that I should read a book.

When friends hear these messages while I am having a telephone conversation for example they think I am crazy and say that I should tell Alexa to shut up. I haven't heard anyone mention that they use Alexa to remind them when to post on social media, but I find it very helpful.

I just ask Google the best times to post on each platform and then add these messages to Alexa. I'd love to know if I am the only crazy one or if anyone else does this. BTW it doesn't always work because sometimes I am distracted by other things but it certainly does increase the number of times I am posting or doing livestreams or videos.

Why not try it for yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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PCohen1 Premium
Have you ever noticed that when you are talking to your family about something. An ad will pop up on your phone for that very thing! They're listening too!!!
Mick-D Premium
ok.. thank you I never knew
Parameter Premium

Great and good tool

JeffreyBrown Premium
Pretty good idea, Hilary!

dcasa14 Premium
Good idea, Hilary. Stick to the plan - I see that it has worked for you 71 times!