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There are so many types of content that we can create for our online businesses. Articles,blogs,tweets,videos,live-streams,images,banners,sales pages, opt-in pages,reviews, infographics -the list goes on.Wouldn't it be great if you had a system that ensures you will never run out of ideas again? Take a topic (e.g.your niche), divide it into 3 sub-categories and choose 3 topics for each of these sub-categories. Using these as your outline and just start writing or making your video or live-
I've been doing lots of studying and taking notes and even gaining a few followers on Twitter. The fact that it's only 3 months until 2017 has suddenly hit me! So now it's time to catch up on all the action that I should have taken in the last 9 monthsI bought yet another notebook to add to the hundreds that I have already filled with notes. Now it's time to share those notes on WA and social media and turn some of them into content. Watch out for my next blog because I am going to give you
January 15, 2016
The fact is that whether we like to admit it or not, the reason many of us do not succeed in many of our projects or businesses is that we are not prepared to go that extra mile. For example - we may write a blog post, click a few share icons and believe that we have done enough to get traffic, leads and even sales with that small amount of effortIt's not enough to find your target market. Being human, your target market are also inclined to be lazy - so you have to tell them what to do and
January 13, 2016
Do you ever wonder if you are using the right words in your emails and your other content to empower people and to get your message across in a way that does not disempower you?Just Not Sorry is a new Google Chrome extension that underlines the words that you should not be using such as sorry or I think or but. If you want to position yourself as an authority you need to be mindful of the words you are using. You can talk your prospect out of buying your products by being indecisive or using
January 02, 2016
I think the best present you can give anyone is a wake- up call. Often the person who gives it has no idea what they have done or how much value even a passing comment can make.I found a message on my Instagram account the other day. It was short and sweet and it hit home hard. This was the message -"I was reading your blog and I noticed that you don't have any opt-in pages on any of the posts. Just curious - How do you get your leads?". My reply was even shorter "Good Question". I had ac
Have you heard of content upgrades? Well I hadn't until today that is, and now I am really excited about them I have to thank a girl called Mariah Coz for that. I have a daily todo list (which rarely gets done!) and always top of that list is: write a blog and make a video or a periscope. Now number 3 on that list is write a content upgrade for every blog.A content upgrade is basically a piece of information that is relative to the content in the blog. It can be a checklist, a workbook, a
November 27, 2015
Well at least I don't think it's my fault if my friends and followers don't take me up on the invitation to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe on the other hand it is my fault. Why have I not been able to impress upon them all what a terrific opportunity they have at their fingertips? Have I not explained the advantages of being a member of WA well enough?Have I not been patient enough to listen to their reasons for not joining "just now" or not persistent enough to repeat the message suffi
October 20, 2015
I am a little bit crazy, maybe that's why I decided to wait up for a blab about book publishing and marketing that started at 2.30a.m. GMT ( I live in N Ireland). Anyway I am so glad I did because I got some great ideas from one of the experts who is a best selling author and specializes in marketing strategies.I watched the blab(at with great interest and made a few comments but since I was in bed I didn't actually join it. That is until 4.30 a.m. just as they were ready to finish.
I have got a very long surname - Hilary Bassakaropoulos. I decided to shorten it to hilarybassak for online marketing purposes. The reason I did this was to make it easier for my followers to remember. Your name is a very important part of your marketing if you are trying to build a brand online.Some people prefer to use the name of their company, but whatever you decide, the sooner you buy the domain name, the better and create a"" website. Next thing I would suggest you do is u
June 27, 2015
Just joking really - but for all of you who shy away from making videos I think this might be the ideal way to become comfortable on screen. You may have heard of the new app that can be used on I Phones and Androids called Periscope. It's basically a way that you can livestream more or less anything you want to -from playing in the garden with your kids to giving a training about social media or even teaching someone to ride a horse, I joined this week and I am highly impresse