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MOTIVATIONWe've all heard the saying that "sharing is caring", but I just found out today from an article Business Insider that sharing your information publicly does much more than show that you care. It activates the brain regions associated with motivation and reward. It almost sounds to good to be true, but I am certainly going to put it to the testSo, next time you feel in need of a bit or motivation, why not just hop on to WA and share some information on your blog or in the chat or eve
April 25, 2018
Spent far too much time procrastinating. Since SWAG the momentum is taking over -thank goodness. Finished Level 2 Certification
April 19, 2018
No, I don't mean a vision or a goal or a dream. We have all got those or we wouldn't have joined WA. This is something a lot more practical and we all need one if we want to be successful online. Getting one of this will help eliminate that overwhelming feeling when you wake up and can't decide what you should do to get some more clicks or referrals or sales.It's called a DMO - Daily Method of Operation - - and it is what will clear the confusion and overwhelm you may be feeling and the goo
Attraction Marketing could be summed up in a few words - "It's giving value without expecting anything in return." Today I witnessed the most perfect example of it when I watched a FaceBook Live. It was a guy who is a WA member talking about how someone had inspired him to get back on track when he was ready to give up on starting an online business. He talked about how this other person had spent hours sharing his knowledge and pointing this guy in the right direction to become successful o
Yesterday I went to my local pound stretcher (the equivalent of a dollar store in the U.S.). I bought a couple of diaries and a number of large notebooks In the inside cover of the first notebook I Wrote my What Needs to Change in 2018 List. It was as follows:New Target Market -( buyers only)More Traffic to Blogs -(for Affiliate Marketing)Automated WebinarsCreate a PodcastInstagram 5 Day ChallengeMembership Site3 Products -with price range of $27 to $297Course/BootcampBetter Sales Pages - (
Four weeks ago I finally made the decision - I had to do something about the weight that has been piling on for the last few years. It had reached the stage where I was finding it uncomfortable to walk for any distance and the amount of puffing and panting as I climbed the stairs was ridiculous. This Self inflicted damage to my body was beyond excuses. Time to do something about it and the sooner the better.So I decided to join a slimming group and paid for the first 12 weeks in advance so t
July 05, 2017
I know I shouldn't do it! I know I should be posting lots of valuable information to my FaceBook friends and followers. I know FaceBook has 2 billion users and a million new active users every day. I do understand that I should be helping my target audience instead of constantly clicking the share button on those irresistible animal videos.I tell myself that i must decide if FaceBook is entertainment or a tool for making money....but then I see another one and before I know, it I have shar
Have you ever felt as if, however hard you try, you don't seem to be getting any closer to your goals? Maybe you have let the naysayers and the critics convince you that success is only an illusion. Most of us go through phases of self doubt. Totally by chance, I discovered a way to turn this self doubt into massive motivation and I hope that it will help you to do the same.A few weeks ago I went to the local post office to renew my passport. While I was waiting for my passport photos I sta
November 04, 2016
OMG control freaks really freak me out! Even I have to admit that sometimes being a control freak is not such a bad thing. Who is in control of your internet business? Is it Google or Facebook or maybe even Instagram? YOU are the one who needs to be in control of your business. If you think it's not that important - ask anyone who has had their social media account closed down or a big reduction in their commissions because their favorite company changed it's complan. Not being a scaremong
October 14, 2016
This could have been my sad Twitter Tale but I'm glad to say that it's just the opposite. I spent quite a lot of time building up my 18,600 targeted following on Twitter. You can imagine my dismay when I went to re-tweet something and got a message from Twitter letting me know that I was not allowed to do so and even worse I could no longer follow anyone.Once I realized I was in the dreaded Twitter Jail, I started to search for a way to get out of it. Didn't find the solution, but I did beco