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Once you have succeeded in something it becomes so much easier to succeed again and again. The problem is that when we are chasing success it sometimes seems as if we are never going to reach it. So I think I have found a ladder to success that everyone can reach.Part of it is modelling someone who has already succeeded in your niche - Tony Robbins has been promoting that idea for so long simply because he has proven to himself and many others that it works.My idea is to study success on a da
Is there really an easy button? Well I think the answer to that one is Yes and No. When I first became interested in online marketing so many people were looking for the easy button. Most of the online marketers were telling them that it didn't exist and that we would just have to learn new skills, work hard, be consistent and hustle on a daily basis. Now there was a lot of truth in that but things have changed quite a lot since then.New software and apps are making life a lot easier for on
October 12, 2019
It's not very ofteh that a really great online marketing opportunity comes my way but yesterday one did. There's a lot of hype out there so it's easy to get excited about special offers etc and I have fallen for those more times than I care to remember. Sometimes a real one appears and if you have been caught out before like I was it can make you very wary.I admit that I am a very impulsive type of person and this leads me down many false paths.So how do you know when something is an opportun
September 24, 2019
Are you smiling as you turn on your computer or smart phone? Excited to learn something new every single day? Today I found a message from Nurse Becca to tell me that Jay's webinar on Quora is up and running. I had asked about it a long time ago and she had remembered and sent me an email. Now that is something to smile about. What could you do today to make someone smile and what could you do to make yourself smile?If your online business is making you frown then maybe you should take a
September 11, 2019
Lately I have been focusing on personal branding. I have made videos about getting started online, written an ebook about personal branding,completed training courses about creating digital products. Yes I have been a real busy bee glued to my computer and staying up until late so that I won't miss the latest webinar. I am all about online marketing but now I am beginning to wonder if I am barking up the wrong tree.I know we are supposed to be finding people's pain points and struggles and fi
May 26, 2019
It's like manna from heaven - the internet marketer's ultimate dream. I remember the first time my son phoned me and said "mum, I just woke up to an email message informing me that I had just earned a $3000 commission" It was a long time ago and it was the first of many for him, but it was magical - just like manna from heaven!We are often asked to set our goals and the most common one for internet marketers is - I want to earn $10k a month or I want to make my first million within the next
A MOTHER TO REMEMBERNo smiling child to press a card into her handOr a smile into her heartThe Mother’s Day that could have beenIs all she has to hold insideNo place at any restaurant tableWaits for herMuch less a present filled with loveThat child she saw but could not touchWas torn from her by some well meaning foolsWhat matter now ?She clutches on foreverTo that memory That hope that she can not eraseHowever much she triesHer special child was lostBy one swift careless twist of fateAnd
My Imac has been driving me crazy this week and after buying memory for it I finally discovered that I can't add memory to this particular model so I need to get a new hard drive instead. In the meantime I can't download my Canva images. Rant over!That little challenge faded into insignificance when I was checking out my bio on Instagram today. I suddenly realized that I hadn't mentioned anything in it that would let people know how I could or what I would do to help them. I had added tha
If you have spent much time online you will probably have already realized that there are a lot of successful marketers who have lots of different strategies to make money online. Even though they have taken different paths to success - they all seem to have one thing in common and that is consistency.Without consistency it doesn't matter how great your images are or whether you have great content. If you are not consistent posting on social media, the algorithms won't like it, your followers
You may already know just how important it is to build a list of targeted followers. If you are focusing on blogging to help you with this task it will probably take a long time. You could use social media which certainly works, or even paid ads. If you are a little bit impatient like me then the fastest and easiest way to build a targeted list is by livestreaming.What could be easier than pressing a button on your phone and talking to someone? You talk to people all the time - it's not th