Nothing Succeeds Like Success? True or False

Last Update: November 07, 2019

Once you have succeeded in something it becomes so much easier to succeed again and again. The problem is that when we are chasing success it sometimes seems as if we are never going to reach it. So I think I have found a ladder to success that everyone can reach.

Part of it is modelling someone who has already succeeded in your niche - Tony Robbins has been promoting that idea for so long simply because he has proven to himself and many others that it works.

My idea is to study success on a daiy basis. Set aside at least half an hour every day for this. Go to the social media pages of the top competitors in your niche and keep watching them until you have figured out how they are getting so many followers and engagement. Watchwhat they are doing as opposed to what they are saying!

What type of content gets the most attention and engagement? What days and times do they post and how often? What colors do they use most? What about the fonts and the graphics. Are their posts short and to the point or more in depth? Do they use quotes, infomercials, boomerangs, animations?

Use what you have learnt from dissecting their success to create yours. Create similar graphics and posts and test and tweak them. Look at the comments they receive - what is it that their followers are liking and disliking? Could you offer something similar?

What about their hashtags? Copy the ones that are relevant for your content and research more to add to your hashtag list. What kind of CTAs( Call to Actions). Are they sending people to their website, to their bio , to their opt-in pages or directly to their offers? There is no point in re-inventing the wheel.


If they are succeeding with livestreams or videos or blogs study those in the same way. This may sound a little too much like hard work, but putting the time and effort into your business is a very important part of the success formula.

If you know of any other ladders to success I'd love to hear about them

P.S. Try to find out what apps and marketing tools they are using and if all else fails just dm them and ask them what you need to know or as a last resort invest in their training lol.

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Tirolith Premium
“You are the creation of your success now and forever.” Tom Short.

“An open mind is the foundation of life for success. Your choice.” Tom Short.

“Your happiness is of your choice if you have an open mind for success.” Tom Short.

“We need the joy of celebrating success to accelerate the next project for a life of quality.” Tom Short.

Thank you for your time,

Aussiemuso Premium
Wonderful advice. Yes it takes time but easier than reinventing the wheel yourself.
Thank you for sharing your experience

Lily 😊
hilarybassak Premium Plus
You are welcome Lily. Glad to see that you are enjoying yur journey here at WA
HeidiAnders3 Premium
These are top-notch tips, my friend! Thank you!!
hilarybassak Premium Plus
My pleasure Heidi
JeffreyBrown Premium
A fantastic approach to success!

hilarybassak Premium Plus
Thank you Jeff
Joes946 Premium
Great advice!
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Thanks Joe