From Dedicated Learner to Dedicated Earner

Last Update: May 01, 2021

Just got my dedication badge from WA and feeling a little sheepish about it. I have been spending a lot of time learning about online marketing and not nearly enough time on my websites and posting and engagement.

So from now on every time I look at this badge I will be reminded to share my content and engage with other people's content. Usually I shy away form one to one engagement, but recently one of my clients asked me to support him with his funnel builder that he had purchased from my affiliate link. I agreed and it has totally changed my attitude towards this kind of learn do and teach method of marketing.

I have discovered that while answering his questions and teaching I am also learning - finding out what people are stressing about, remembering how it felt to be at the beginning of my online journey. It's all too easy to forget about those problems and frustrations that we all encounter when we are starting a new business online.

By not sharing your knowledge you might as well put up a "shop closed" notice on your business. How can you expect to sell anything that is not on display? That's a question I needed to ask myself a long long time ago!

So I will proudly display my dedication badge with my new mindset. Thanks for bringing me to my senses WA!

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Christorv Premium Plus
Your work is really paying off - you are at the stage where you are
even providing support and walking others on the path, that is quite admirable and motivational to me. That is my goal too, here is hoping we both become much better at it and help as many as we can 😊🙏👍
CherryRed20 Premium
Awesome job, Hilary!

Keep up the good work!

jghwebbrand Premium
Great read here. Thanks for sharing.
It is so true, when we help others we learn too. Glad you are experiencing that because it is very motivational to forge ahead.

Really like the title on your blog. Very intriguing.

We wish you some more earnings. It does take a lot of time to learn and learning never stops.
JEaston Premium Plus
Good reading of your post here. Congratulation!
Dedication, perseverance and good mindset and love what we are doing is the key. Thank you so much for sharing.
Best wishes,
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Hi Hilary! Many congratulations on achieving your latest dedication badge!

It's great to hear that you are earning whilst learning and sharing your knowledge with the world!

Have a fantastic Saturday my friend!
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Thanks a lot Jessie - you too Fido looks adorable!
Jessiefido Premium Plus
Very welcome my friend and much appreciated!

My Fido is adorable indeed!