Do You Suck at This Too?

Last Update: December 04, 2018

Don't underestimate this important part of being successful in life and in business. It particualrly applies to livestreaming. It is something that is almost impossible to get data on, but you really need to understand just how essential it is and improve yours sooner rather than later.

What am I talking about? Confidence - it plays a large part in how far you can go in your business online. Lack of it causes procrastination and sometimes even despair and hopelessness. If you ask confident people the secret of developing self confidence or improving self confidence - they are quite likely to tell you that they are not quite sure.

I remember watching a very well known successful multi 7 figure marketer doing his first few livestreams. He had everything at his disposal to make them brilliant - the best equipment, the top advisers, the training courses and ofcourse the confidence that comes with running a very successful business.

This guy was and is famous for being extremely professional in everything he does, yet In spite of all this his first few livestreams really sucked. I was dumbstruck rather than awestruck but continued to watch because of who he was.

When I thought about it I realized that these janky livestreams were a part of his success formula. He knew that livestreaming is a very effective way of gaining new followers fast. He realised that a lot of other marketers still hadn't picked up the courage to do them. He didn't waste time trying to make the perfect livestream - he just jumped in at the deep end.

It wasn't too long before his livestreams started to improve and his followers increased tremendously. Why? Because he was willing to take the first step. He knew from experience that you don't start off by being great, usually you don't start off being good at anything. In fact most of us, including him, start off by sucking at things and it is only when we take action/that first step that the road ahead clears and makes way for us to become confident in our own abilities.

Now when I see one of his livestreams, I smile and remember how they used to be and then I tell myself - You Can Do That Too!

So no matter how much you suck at something - just do it and continue to do it consistently and you will surprise yourself by finding that elusive thing called confidence.

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JerryMcCoy Premium
We all have off days.
Marsh71 Premium
Nice one Hilary, thank you for this.
AlexEvans Premium
Excellent post, Hilary, that humanness is what we all like to buy into.
The thing that separates those folks is that they keep doing it, when others give up.
anusuya1 Premium
Yes, Dear. We can and will do. Great post.
Marley2016 Premium
I wish that I could be brave enough to make a video
still lacking the confidence - but one day I think I just
might have to give it a try :)
Thank you for sharing,
hilarybassak Premium
You are welcome Marley If you do it today you won't be looking back and wishing you had done it sooner. Forget about wishing and one day and what you might do or try. Just do it now!! You could make your videos and live-streams private at first until you feel ready to share them. Hope that helps