Are You looking For The Easy Button

Last Update: October 25, 2019

Is there really an easy button? Well I think the answer to that one is Yes and No. When I first became interested in online marketing so many people were looking for the easy button. Most of the online marketers were telling them that it didn't exist and that we would just have to learn new skills, work hard, be consistent and hustle on a daily basis. Now there was a lot of truth in that but things have changed quite a lot since then.

New software and apps are making life a lot easier for online marketers. Back then there were no funnel builders and livestreams and far fewer apps to edit and schedule posts, images and videos. The problem now is which ones should we use? Which ones should we buy? and which ones are far too complicated or a total waste of time.

Buried among all these things may be the easy button - not just any old easy button - YOUR EASY BUTTON. How on earth are you going to find it? That is the 64 million dollar question.

I may be able to help you a little along that path because it has been a very long one for me. I think it begins with asking yourself a few questions and coming up with some realistic answers.

1 Do you genuinely like people? If you do then social media may be your path to success!

2 Are you willing to engage with people online or are you allowing rude comments or trolls keep you from doing so? Don't allow these sad people to destroy your online business - just ignore them.

3 Do you understand how important it is to get over yourself and accept that people aren't interested in you or your product? All they want to know is whether you can solve their problem, educate them,show them how they can make money online or entertain them.

4 Are you willing to put out value content on a consistent basis?

5 Are you at ease on camera ?- If not then you need to either avoid making videos and livestreams or start making them until you become good at it. Perfection is a dirty word in online marketing. As long as you have good lighting (the best is natural light) and audio you are ready to rock. If you really feel anxious practice broadcasting to yourself or a friend at first until you start to feel comfortable.

6 Are you a procrastinator ?- This is the number one sin in marketing - so the sooner you get rid of that bad habit the better!

7 Do you enjoy writing? Then spend your time blogging, writing articles and tweeting

So the conclusion is that you will find YOUR easy button if you keep on searching - for some it will take a lot longer than for others but when you do it will be a game changer I promise!

Chances are that button will involve something that you love doing - so maybe your search will soon be over and you will be the proud owner of that magic easy button.

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Dave07 Premium
Hi Hilary. Great list of tips and advice.
You are so right about doing something that you love to do - that's the big secret!
hilarybassak Premium
Thank you Dave 😀
JHermes Premium
Hilary, you write clearly and I can quickly catch what you are saying. You have great experience in this world. I've been here for 7 or 8 days. Meeting you is a wonderful moment in my life. Returning very soon. Dr. Jeff
hilarybassak Premium
Thank you for the very kind comment
HeidiAnders3 Premium
This is a phenomenal post!! Thank you for sharing your expertise!! I love all these tips!!🌻💕🎉
hilarybassak Premium
Thank you Heidi I really appreciate your comment❤️
CStauber Premium
Thanks for your post. Gave me much food for thought. I must dig in and get it going.

JeffreyBrown Premium
It really can be easy if one put's their mind to it!!