A Valentine Night's Tale!

Last Update: February 12, 2020

Many moons ago I used to own a restaurant and Valentine's night was always booked out weeks in advance. We used to have one particular table that the "in love" couples used to like better than all the others. One Valentines night - when of course the restaurant was packed - a young couple arrived and sat down at that table.

It became obvious after a little while that the young man had already been celebrating beforehand. Anyway they ordered their meal and a bottle of red wine and and he managed to spill two glasses of it over the white table cloth. Not wanting to break the romantic atmosphere in the restaurant the staff made no comment and soaked up as much of the wine as possibe with serviettes.

Then the young lovers ordered a desert aptly name Aphrodite (walnuts with fresh cream and honey drizzled all over it - try it - it's truly delicious). Anyway the young man started getting rather amorous and decided to move his chair around to the other side of the small table and everyone pretended not to notice. Then they ordered two liqueur coffees with fresh cream on the top and - you've guessed it - he managed to spill both of them and ordered two more which to avoid embarrassment were served without any comment.

When the inevitable happened again one of the other customers said in a loud voice - "Why don't you just suck the tablecloth!" The romantic atmosphere was broken for a short time and everyone just burst out laughing.

Maybe you have memories of romantic Valentine's days as well as some disappointing ones. Whatever your valentine's situation is I hope you enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day, even if like me you will be spending it with your dog 🐶💔😀

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starfalex123 Premium
Thanks for such amazing post .It was truly a great story. Have a wonderful Valentine day. Fitzgerald
CarolMeador Premium
Great story. Thanks for sharing it.
Dave07 Premium
Haha! It's good to have a laugh!

Funny post and a great memory for you, I hope you have a great valentine's day regardless of who you spend it with
EHR Premium Plus
Just hope they were taking a taxi! Gene
hilarybassak Premium Plus
They were but not sure if the taxi driver was as amused as the folk in the restaurant 😀