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Last Update: March 02, 2018

Hi everybody!
As I said in my previous post I would have written again after publishing my first post on my blog... And I did it!

I'm still wrestling against my template trying to figure out how to put my posts preview in the Home Page! GRRRR! My template on WP is InVogue by the way.

I downloaded Elementor, a widget that helps you to build your site aspect simply by dragging and dropping elements in it, but I can' find my WP theme through it. Vogue theme supports Elementor, but I did something wrong, now I have to understand what exactly. I'll get there, I know :( Once fixed and understood these little details I'll be able to tell you something more about Elementor.

To add some posts to my blog, I asked a few friends of mine (they have their own web sites too) if I can write about their products, which I love. That would be without commission obviously, but I will cover other 3 subjects about design: photography, cake design and fashion accessories for women.

Without further delay, I'm going to fix some elements in my blog and then I'll write another post and I'll come back to my training!

See you next time,


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dlum11 Premium
Isn't it Agreat feeling to achieve something? Oh I should had said CONGRATULATIONS first. I have drop by lookEd over the fence just to see how your doing.But today I felt energy , joy and a sense of urgency like I can't wait to go outside to play with my new toy. That great enjoy and have fun in your journey with wealthy affiliates thank you kyle and carson. Doug
hiamari Premium
Thank you Doug!