Do I have a blog here? Wow!

Last Update: February 21, 2018

Hi everybody, I just earned my first badge.

That's all :)! See you tomorrow...

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hiamari Premium
Hi guys! I'm going on with my training.
I was about to publish my first post, but I prefer to finish the "making money" course, because I put some commission links per click and I don't know if it's good for my blog to use those.
I realized that maybe there has not to be a link in every post (I mean I don't have to sell something in all my posts), but I'm trying to figure it out!
Plus, I'm really enjoying finding topics to write about.
I didn't tell you: I choose design as my niche! Everything about design, from interior design through fashion and food presentation. I'm so happy with that niche and I really hope to publish interesting posts. This could be a great journey.
I'm also trying to find a good picture for my header, but I think that I'll end up putting the picture of my desk with all my "tools" to work.
Next lesson is waiting for me.
See you guys!
sarabrwn Premium
Congrats!. Many more badges to come. Good luck on your journey.
hiamari Premium
Thaks Sara!