YouTube: A Billion-User Network!

Last Update: Jun 29, 2018

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The explosive YouTube network does, indeed, boost of over one billion users to date. That is just about 1/3 of the people on the entire web! Each day, those people view millions of hours of YouTube videos! Why not get in on the maddness?


YouTube's main mobile audience ranges from age 18 - 49, attracting more users than any other cable platform in the United States!

So why aren't more small businesses taking advantage of this hyteria? Only 9% are.

Why? Because most think videos are more difficult to produce than an image or blog post. They simply just don't want to be bothered. So, instead, the small businesses tend to lose out on the a platform that could explode their business---as it would provide an enormous opportunity!.


YouTube is a great social media tool, as well, and should be considered part of a strategy for increasing traffic. Posting a video on Social Media platforms has endless possibilities! Developing an audience through subscriptions has its benefits, too!

Have you been contemplating whether or not you should get started on YouTube? Or, maybe you've tried and given up? Do you want to get in on all the hype? Well, then, you have come here for a reason!

Erin :)!

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Most of Jay’s training video are awesome but I am expecting greatness from this one! Wouldn’t miss it for anything.

Thanks Erin,

YouTube is definitely going to be the ‘new’best Marketing platform and its great to see that WA is going to take us there.


I agree, Rick! Looking forward to learning all I can!

Thanks for sharing! I am a newbie so I will be watching the webinar tomm! Thank you!

You're quite welcome, L! Welcome to the LIVE Webinar!

Herin, you are absolutely correct in that people assume that it
is too difficult to bother with it. I would love to learn how to use YouTube to my advantage. Perhaps the upcoming YouYube Training will enlighten me. Great article you wrote!
Thank you very much!

Thanks so much, Norbert! You're in for a nice surprise! See you there tomorrow night!

I certainly will Erin. I have ideas mounting. Jay's webinar can't come at a better time. I'm excited.

Thanks Erin!


I feel the same way, as his webinars seem to always be very timely!

I'm excited Erin. The "unknown" is getting more exciting!

heeheehee....."The future is so bight we got to wear shades like you! Great talking to you Erin!

Excitement is waiting to happen.

Frank, why do you think I always wear shades?!

It's the profile I see Erin. You're staring at me.
Great profile of you!


Ha ha, Frank. Thanks!

I've actually thought of starting a you tube channel.
In my business , they do product reviews and talk about the features of the products.
I don't know if my poor ol broken iPhone 4s can handle the heat.
I just have a hard time laying it to rest, we've been together for about 8 years.


OMGosh, Kenny! 8 years! You must be easy on your phones! They ARE very durable! I love my iPhone, too! See you there tomorrow night for Jay's LIVE Webinar!

we should not ignore YouTube it is a force to be reckoned with

Hey Steve do you ever sleep? I'm here in Hawaii and it's 1:40 AM and I woke up from leg cramps. Figured I go on the computer and who do I see you! lols!

Frank =)

It's 7:42 am here so yes I sleep and it's morning in New England. Where in Hawaii are you, Frank?

Oahu! Ewa Beacj tp be exact.

Ahhh Patriots country. Tom Brady and gang!

Awesome team!

Yes the land of no days off! Nice place to live. Great coffee!

Ahhhh yes Kona Coffee. You're right Steven.

I used to order it right from Kona. Bubba's Beans so good!

There you go Steve,we have bonded. lols! I didn't know they market waay out there!

Another of Hawaii's best kept secret is no longer a secret. lols!

Btw, Steven the island of Kauai is the 1st best-kept secret. Everywhere you look it is beautiful. Must see to believe. Why we call it "the Garden Isle?" That's why!

Don't tell anybody, OK!??? =)


I was buying a medium size coffee everyday on the way to work and when I did the math FedEx of 1lb of beans from Kona was less that what I was spending on poor coffee. It was an easy choice. Ordered and delivered by FedEx in 2 days. AH, those were the days when I had money. ;(

Hee hee hee, those were the days. Hey Steven more power to you know what to do when you do have money!


When I have money I'm coming to visit you my friend. :)
I have flown through Hawaii on my way to Asia but never been there.

Steve let me know, I'll treat you delicious coffee!


Absolutely, Steven!! See you there!

He's always on here talking to me. LOL!

That's my favorite place on earth! There's flowers everywhere!

So true, they got to see to believe.

hey Frank,
are you anywhere near the volcano eruption on Oahu I see on TV this morning?

No, it's on another island, island of Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii has an island called Hawaii believe or not. I live on the island o Oahu. The capital of Hawaii....sounds confusing, doesn't it?

No because I live on another island and more importantly, I personally hate warm temperatures!

F =(

I thought they said it was on Oahu. My bad.

Not possible Steven, all are extinct on Oahu. Hawaii the biggest island of them all. (we have 7) Hawaii is the biggest and continues to grow real estate.

Great question.


OK. I'll listen more closely when CNN shows it again

I believe it, Steven! Ha ha!

Thanks for sharing.

You're quite welcome, Rog!

Thanks, Herinnelson! I will.

Awesome, Kimberly! Yayyy! Another new challenge for me!

I have registered for this webinar. I love YouTube, for traffic generation and leads.Been using it a while, since learning the basics about it

It is after all a video blog channel, so what better way to drive traffic than through video uploads

Plus also, if you have adsense, then you can connect your adsense and get paid for showing ads on your videos. As an example, I know of at least people personally, who have earned between $1.2 mIllion, $400,000 and $3.75 Million dollars per year since 2008/9

There are of course other people earning smaller sums such as $500, $700 for the same thing, so yes it should be intersting

The analytics I get on my own channel, are damned impressive, so the webinar tomorrow, is going to be great for those of us that wish to enhance our channels even further

One thing I do understand from my use of it so far, si that YT absolutely loves community intereaction. much the same as Google+ does

Great post though Erin and thanks for sharing it

Great insight, Dave---thank you! I didn't know any of that! I'm learning so much and am very happy I posted this to learn more from people like YOU!

Your welcome, I've also just watched the training from last Friday,repurposing content, which was also good and gives some great ideas for getting extra traffic, through doing one peice of good content, one of them is centered round YouTube

One of the most interesting things is, at least on my channel, is that I upload How to & Video reviews on a regular basis, is that looking at my analytics there yesterday, the amount of searches done from within YouTube for videos was just under 1,500

From the bloggers point of view, YT is an absolute must as well

Wow, Dave! Those are great statistics! You're WAYYY ahead of me! See you tomorrow!

Thanks for the comment Erin, have a good day today

You, too, Dave! I always do!

I have just started doing stuff for YouTube hoping to catch Jays live webinar might not get back in time even though its 1am start for me will be travelling. I know it gets a lot of views and have read various post on is it saturated but there is still opportunities there so worth doing a channel and sharing

I do love seeing you there, Katie! It's sounds like perfect timing for you!

The fear factor was at play should have done it ages ago but better late than never lol

I hear ya, Katie! It can be intimidating, but you'll do great!

do not know about the great but I will go for it thanks :)

Ha ha! Great!

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