Your grade school English teacher would be pleased!

Last Update: Mar 19, 2018

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Do you remember all the various "compositions" and "stories" we had to write back in grade school?! Some of us may have hemmed and hawed at the thought, not even imagining that later in life, writing would be an essential part of our work! Of course, we really don't use the term "compositions" anymore as much as we do "blogs."


I actually LOVED to write "compositions" in school and English was always my best subject. (Math, not so much!) Writing would take me to so many different places--I could go anywhere I wanted to go! This felt great as a kid, and actually as an adult, too! (We should all be like children!)


I remember Miss Dixon, my third grade teacher, pulling me aside one day. She commended me on my latest English Composition paper, admiring the characters I thought up--we had to write a story of some sort. She told me that if I worked hard, I had the potential of becoming an author some day. An author--really?


Well, with that tiny bit of encouragement within a 5-minute conversation--years later, I did just that! I wrote a children's series that was chosen and published. Three of the ten books I'm writing are on shelves.

So, remembering back to your elementary days, I'll bet you never realized you'd be at such a place comsumed in writing, writing and more writing! If your English teacher could see you now!


On this post, I'd also like to point out that proper English, Spelling and Grammer are all vital parts of writing blogs! One of my daughters is a teacher and emphasizes this practice to her students every day.


Did you know that your blog will rank much higher using proper English, spelling words correctly and practicing good grammar? Google searches out sites that abide by these guidelines! It's TRUE! Fortunately for us, there's a great tool called Spell-Check!

Also, AffParlnc suggests to "install Grammarly on your computer. This checks the grammar, spelling and word use." (comment below).


I actually prefer writing to typing. It is a more personal way, and the old-fashioned way, to prepare a story or literature. Putting the pen to paper develops in-depth concentration for some reason. I guess I like to write because I always used paper growing up--and not a computer.


My Mother was the one who taught me etiquette--all the proper ways to do everything in life from certain standpoints. She handed me Emily Post's Book of Etiquette and asked me to read it. It had a wealth of influence on me growing up.


Etiquette and the way in which we act toward one another also has it's true advantages in this day and age. However, there are also ruthless people on our planet, not living with any guidelines. I feel, especially in our society today, if Emily Post had had a greater influence on our generation, this world in which we live would be a lot better! It's not rocket science!


Let's be polite, have some manners and show our integrity here at Wealthy Affiliate! The more we do, the greater our success!

What are some of YOUR writing experiences through the years?

Do you actually like to write?

Was etiquette an influence in your life?

Share some thoughts! I love thinking back to those days of new growth!

You are such a beautiful person--let that light you posess shine brightly!

Erin :)!

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Thank you for this great post Erin. I love writing and composing. I still remember my writing sample for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The topic was "Heroes" circa the Kennedy Era. February 1962!

That's great, Mike! Is it available anywhere to the public?

I think it's off the scale Erin. Those were the ditto master days well before the internet!

Oh, gotcha.

Thanks for sharing, Erin. Mrs Forrest would love me using Grammarly.

Ha ha, Rog! I'm sure she would!

Writing experiences- in school in also enjoyed English but Math wasn't my friend. Maybe for a short time but past division nada.

Do I love to write- yes I love to write on topics of interest. Some I can't write for hours.

What etiquette influenced your life- my grandmother gave me a book dated 1896. But I really don't think that influenced me much. My mom's caring for others influenced me the most. Just watching and wanting to be like her.

Tried and true


Yes, influences from parents, grandparents and loving caregivers make all the difference in the life of a child. It absolutely molds them into who they become. So glad you had that groundedness rooted in your family!

I wrote a book called "Love me till tomorrow". Its an apocalyptic book I wrote 5 years ago. It helped me overcome the nightmare of post viral meningitis. I even published it. Haha. And it sold! Double haha!

That's a great tool in life to use as an author--which can also lead to many other works and fun life experiences!

A great post full of positive vibes, enjoyed reading it

So happy, Dave!

Thanks for the encouragement, Erin. I always preferred math and science over the writing. I was an avid reader though, so the many books I have read have helped my creativity. I am a teacher too, so I learn what I teach too. I have a writing curriculum that I use to teach my kids, it is called "The Lost Tools of Writing". It helps with ideas, organizing writing, all kinds of things. I can watch a video or two of that and get inspired!
Best to you,

Melissa, reading is so essential, too! It leads to knowledge and power in life! We most definitely continue learning from ourselves, too, in order to expand our knowledge and to teach others what we know! Great thoughts!

Sorry, but.....Cruitial?

Should it not be crucial to use proper English? If the blog is about spelling and proper English then it needs to be corrected.

Apologies for being critical, but it bugs me. I do agree with your post.

Your attention to detail is brilliant, there is certainly no word cruitial and you are correct in pointing it out.

I would always appreciate comments like this on my posts.

It is something that I would expect a thorough spell check to have picked up, don't you think?

Well spotted, we need to be professional where we can!


Erin talks about Grammarly just underneath this word and Grammarly on my machine certainly picked it up when I typed it into the comment above, so yes a spell check should have spotted it.
I do not wish to belabour the point. I am certain it will be corrected. I have made and still make mistakes here and on my phone when typing. I am very happy with Grammarly, as it definitely picks up on things that I have missed for a long time.

Erin, In regards to my writing efforts through the years, I am sad to say that they have been dismal. Email was the death of the written word for me. Even Christmas cards have fallen by the wayside now as "progress" marches on. I used to think I could write, and I have never had any problems conversing with any group of people. But, if I am, to be honest, I will admit that I am a voracious reader, I devour books but hardly write a word.

WA is dragging me out of my literary shell, by forcing me to write articles and blogs and yes comments.

I certainly enjoy the social aspect of WA, much more than say the social aspect of Facebook.

Etiquette has and always will be a part of my character. My mother and father drummed it into me. Without them, I might have been just another ill-mannered lout thrown upon the world.

I believe we have a responsibility to our children and to society to be polite and to teach etiquette. Manners cost nothing and yet reap enormous rewards. Unfortunately, these things can only be taught at home, and they need to be taught early for the best results.

Enough rambling, needless to repeat I agree with you etiquette was, and still is an influence in my life.


Thanks for pointing that out! My bad. I do make mistakes, too.

Thanks for your input. Spellcheck did not pick that up. That's what I get for typing a blog at 4am. Thanks.

Alex, I have to disagree, I think you have got several books within! Lol

You’ve literally just written a chapter! Lol

Erin and I hope she’s reading this, she is doing a fantastic job, relaying and sharing some magnificent written work on such ranging topics! I’m sure many of are struggling to keel up!

I know she is putting in the hours, so we can oversee the odd typo, it is minor but it has been pointed out which is also nice and it’s an easy fix, if she choose’s?

An excellent post in many ways and all I picked upon was etiquette but there was so much more in it, which is what I meant by the ranging topics she’s covering.

It’s the old adage, we can’t please all of the people all of the time and that’s true. There’s not to many complaints here at WA, there’s a few niggles but overall, it’s working well!

It’s 2am and I’ve been awake way to long today and I am edging into the rambling zone! I am also squinting on a smart phone here.

Think about your writing, you don’t know where it will take you to, at worst you write a book or two and you have lots more blog content to share!

Cheers Alex, enjoy, take care!


Thanks Wayne,

Well it’s not world shattering, it’s positive that Alex picked it up and it confirms to you that we are reading your work!

You are doing great stuff!

All good as far as I am concerned!


Innovative. An amalgamation of critical and crucial.

You are Ranked 7!!

I don't look at Rankings much, last time you were late 20's - your rank, not your age!

Well done, you kept quiet about it.


I'm just simply having a ball here! I love to write. Thanks about the age comment, too! Ha ha! We can all climb as high as we want!

Thanks, Wayne!


Would love to improve my writing skills. Is there anything recommend in here?

Kyle's training is very helpful: Also, you may want to check out the following link:

I recommend installing Grammarly on your computer. It checks the spelling, grammar and word use while you type, in any program, including the internet. The Free version is good enough for practically everything, no need to upgrade.

Great piece of advice! I will add it to my post!

Yes there is, but it involves getting the golden fleece.


One of my degrees is in English Literature and Writing. I've worked as professional writer-researcher for a number of years, covering many different topics. I've also worked in publishing, and in education.

But I don't point out people's written errors unless they ask me to, because that's the courteous thing to do.

Would it help you, and anyone in your situation, to have your work publicly edited and improved? With explanations?

If there's interest, I will happily offer an 'editing lottery' every two months here at WA. All you need do is submit the links to your published blog posts for consideration, and one will be chosen at random and given a beauty treatment.

For the greater good, a screen capture of your improvements will be shared here at WA, so that others may benefit from the suggestions. A screen capture will avoid the awkwardness of duplicate content being indexed. What do you think of that offer?

Hey, wow, ty for your detailed answer.
For sure this would help and I would love be part of your "editing lottery".
In my opinion a very good idea because the whole comunity will profit from.

Grammarly is a useful tool to help you out.

OK then. Let's make you the guinea pig for the first instance of this public editing activity. Are you interested? We can make it a lottery after that.

If you'd like to do this - PM me the link to one post or page you'd like scrubbed up. I'll only draw the line at helping out with scammy or uncivilised content.

Hey. Thank you so much for chosing me :) I will send you link once I am at home. Let me know in case I can do you a favour in the future

I am not pointing out any specific errors on anyone's part, but am simply trying to bring them to attention. I do my own edits, as well as my publisher's final opinion. I had an error in this post that someone pointed out to me and I was most grateful. We are here to help each other learn. :)

Hi Marco!

Heya! I was replying to Johann, but that’s OK. I got the gist of your post. :)

Yes, I noticed ‘crutial,’ and giggled. But as I mentioned to Johann, I never correct anyone unless they ask. I write and edit for a living, and still prefer not to cross that line unless there is a prior relationship.

This site is a proving ground for many developing writers. At certain stages of their development it would actually wound them to be peppered with line-edits, and completely derail any conversation they were trying to inspire.

Moreover, if corrections were evenly applied across the site, nothing would be left intact! So I try to read with a ‘principle of charity’. This site is all about supporting WA student development, after all.


Agreed! I always check everything before I click publish, however, it was 4 am when I wrote it and had been up all night. No excuse, just a fact--ha ha.

It actually came off as a delicious joke. :)

We can take turns forgiving each other, OK? Right now, I’m still tucked away with the flu, and groggy as anything. I’m tapping my response into the tiny window of a phone, and my view of these teeny-weeny letters is getting blurred by my watery, stinging eyes.

Who knows what fabulous typo may arise next? ;)

Ha ha, Ivy! You are TOO funny! I hope you feel better soon!

Hi there!

Hey Ivy!
In Austria the flu in 2018 is lasting longer then normal. Effects on the human are super intense this year.

All the best and get well soon.

I don’t like the sound of that!

Autumn has only begun (as have the low dips in night temperature) and I’ve been home for more than a week, along with other sick family members.

We even returned to the Dr this week, because I worried there might be a secondary infection. You know, it seems as if everyone is getting better, and then all at once we’re all really sniffly and feverish again. Blyech. But that’s sometimes the pattern of this rubbish virus everyone (including our poor Doc who just went home) is experiencing. Apparently. Cycles and spikes.

Thanks for the heads up, Austria! ;)

Hi Marco! Nice to see you!

Hi there! Check out my new blog post on WA! You will be pleased.

I have been writing a bunch of words for about 5 years, since I stopped working.

I joined WA and began to feel stressed, writing to order - it seemed.

I realized again, I am not competing with anyone here and it really is all about me and doing it my way. I am beginning to feel relaxed again.

Make what you do you're own, I keep reading Hare and Tortoise!

Good etiquette at all times, this is just a form of respect in my book.

Most of all enjoy!


Great thoughts, Wayne! Yes, good etiquette does generate respect! Glad you're feeling more relaxed!

Yes. Love it post.

Thanks! :)!

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