Whispered words from the past

Last Update: Sep 19, 2018


"Follow Your Dreams"

A very wise lady once told me to follow my dreams, and that I was on this earth for a distinct purpose. She said my love for others would someday surface to the point that would make an amazing difference in the lives of many. Last year, I became an Ordained Minister.

This wise and wonderful woman was my Mom. She was the most kind-hearted individual I have ever known. Although my sweet mother has been gone from the earth now for over ten years, she is still in my heart. I can often hear her words of wisdom and guidance. She would have loved the direction my life has taken and, I know, she is proud of me, as always.

"You Have the Potential"

My third grade teacher, Miss Dixon, once told me that she loved my enthusiasm for writing compositions and the exciting characters I thought up. We talked about it one day and she said that I had the potential of becoming an author someday.

"You Can Do This"

Forty-five years later, my sister handed me an ad for a children's aptitude test saying, "I know you can do this." I wrote a story that was chosen and I was accepted into a children's literary school, later leading me to a publishing company. Those words from my teacher and sister remained in my soul and I became a children's author writing three books in a series that became published. Again, words planted in the past began to take root and grow.

"You Are Gifted"

Twenty five years ago, my Dad told me that he was amazed at how well I could design a website. He had never even turned on a computer, but loved my work and called it "artistic," saying I was gifted. Five years later, I had my own web company designing sites for companies and have been designing now for twenty years. I miss you, Dad.

"I Am So Proud of You, Mom"

As my two beautiful daughters were growing up, not a day or week went by when they would turn to me and say, "I am so proud of you, Mom." Let me tell you, that rang though me so vividly that I felt I could conquer the world! They still say those words to this day! I have always paid back their compliment because the fact is, that I am so proud of the both of them, I could burst! As a Mom, instilling words of praise in our children comes back to us, tenfold!

"You Are Amazing"

For the past seventeen years, my fiance has lifted me up through the most difficult times; losing loved ones, healing through injuries, making ends meet financially, etc. He has never raised his voice to me and has nurtured me with complete kindness. He always says that I am amazing. Well, he is the amazing one, however, his words of endless encouragement and love always dwell within me and open my eyes to all the miracles in life.

Who Was Your Voice of Encouragement?

Do you or have you had a voice of encouragement ring through your ears in the past? Who was it? A mother, father, sister, friend, neighbor, pastor or maybe even a stranger? How did it make you feel? Did it make a difference in how your life has played out?

"You Can Do Anything"

It has made all the difference to me. Having loving people believe in me and feed me positive and uplifting words instilled confidence and self-esteem. Hearing them makes one feel like they can do anything!

It's What I DO

My current accomplishment is building a successful online affiliate business here and earning a better income that I could have ever imagined!--All because my parents, loved ones and those treasured souls from my past said encouraging words that took route and grew within me over the years, leading me to this precise place in time. I love paying-it-forward at WA. It's what I do. Earning a great income and establishing stability is just a bonus.

Show Your Love

What goes around, comes around. Go out and make a difference in someone's life, whether through a quiet whisper, a serious talk or maybe even just a smile. I do this every time I go somewhere, when I'm online, on the phone, and whenever I see my daughters or family members. I love to make others feel like I felt when growing up with love and support.

I am very humble about my accomplishments and owe them all to the Words Whispered From the Past.

Bless all who reads this post. Your encouragement means everything! Please tell your story.

Erin :) XOXO

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As a new member of the WA community, it’s posts like yours that make this group so unique. Inspiration and encouragement never stop. Thanks for sharing this story.

You're so welcome! What a beautiful comment--I'm humbled.

I treasure it here and actually feel like a whole new life has opened up and I'm right in the middle of it basking in all the splendor! I love creating sites that help people find their direction. I love conversing with you and every one I come in contact with here. It's perfect!

Have a blessed day being YOU!

Hey, at one time in my life I was beyond help, Wine, women,fast cars and drugs. Knew I would die before I was 30 years old.

But one day, out of the blue, so I thought, I met My wife, Linda and things began to change.

We married and belived we were happy till we became Christians in 79. Then we began to discover that life is all about love.

I just love these testimonies, John. So encouraging.

Nothing is by chance, my friend. She was in your path for a reason that day. All your "living" was leading up to your complete turn around and in return, it has led you to Him. Love overcomes the most difficult of obstacles. You have treasured times to look forward to now and are surrounded by love--what could be better in the world?

A brave post that will not go unnoticed. Thank you for sharing.

The only answer possible is nothing.

In awe.

Whispering words of wISdom
Let it be...

Yes! I LOVE that! Let It Be! Those whispered words are like honey, sweet and satisfying. I'm so glad you added your nice comment to my discussion. It's great to connect!

Very very good Erin!


I appreciate your saying so, Wayne! As I walk around this community, I am drawn to so many heartful and caring individuals, and you are one of them. Keep smiling and always have fun!

Thanks Erin

Lovely words from you and it’s very nice to hear them!

Have a wonderful day!



Hi Erin, Your beautiful words have touched my heart because I completely agree with them. All of them are so warmly human and kind. Thanks for your very inspiring story. All the best ;)

How wonderful of you to say, my friend! You just shot those beautiful words back to me! Thank you kindly for swinging in to read them! I appreciate your nice comments.

This is such an encouraging & motivational post!

Thank you kindly, Violet! I'm glad you stopped by to read it.

Wow, Erin. What a beautiful testimony.

The book that inspires and encourages me, and where I go to for council, the Holy Bible, teaches us how powerful the tongue can be.

The positive side of the power of the tongue is living proof in the life of H Erin Nelson. The world is a better place just because you are part of it.


I feel like I've known you my whole entire life, Hennie! We do have something in common, my initials are HEN! LOL. I guess you can call ME Hennie, too!

Yes, I truly live by the Good Book because it has all of life's lessons to carry us through life and to help us develop into the person God made us to be.

Your words are like honey. Thank you. You have given me much encouragement today that I will carry forever! The world is nicer because of you. Love the Pandas!

Thank you for the kind words, Erin. Just keep on being a blessing to others and you will be blessed.


Hi Erin. I used this post (with my affiliate link) as a promotion on my disciple-making facebook page as part of the tasks Kyle gave us for SWAG. Got some good response from it.

OMGoodness! That's so..umm..ENCOURAGING! XOXO




You are a very lucky lady to have had so many supportive people who said such encouraging things to you in your life.
Not everyone is so lucky but despite it being ungiven it can make someone want to give what they never had.
A kind word of encouragement goes a very, very long way.
With Grace and Gratitude

Thanks for the wonderful words, Karen! I'm not lucky, just blessed. Within our community here, we can lift so many up if they need encouragement. I feel we're all in the precise place in time! Good to see you again!

This is such a lovely post Erin, and I thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much, Mia! (Love your name!) You're quite welcome and I'm so glad you stopped by! XOXO

A lovely post, thank you.
My guiding principle is "kindness in all things" even in the tougher decisions. It's how I like to be treated. It's served me well.
Cheers james

Thank you, James! That's a wonderful principle to live by!..ESPECIALLY in the tougher decisions! Absolutely!

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