Why do I wear shades? It's for the symbolism!

Last Update: May 4, 2018

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When I put my photo up for the WA community to "SEE," I thought it fitting to use one where I'm wearing shades! Why? Because...


Yes, my future is looking wonderfully bright and I thank Kyle, Carson, Jay and the WA Team for that!

All our futures are looking bright!

But, for all those who wear sunglasses in their photos, I commend you! Ha Ha!

Erin :)!

"I'm doing all right, getting good grades
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades"

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I know many have seized on the Future's So bright ... as a predictor of good days to come - especially at high school and college graduations.

Of course you realize that Timbuk3's song was irony and about nuclear holocaust and not about a positive future?

The key verse was:
"Well I'm well aware of the world out there,
getting blown all to bits, but what do I care?"

Just keeping it honest. Truth matters. :)

Yikes, I must have missed those words--focused on the last couple verses! Shhhhh! Just going for the general meaning that everyone equates to.

LOL I know everyone does the same thing with this song! See if you can find the video online.

I will, thanks, Steven!

I was just trying to be funny. But the video is pretty good. It comes from the early days of MTV.

You wear shades,
Dazzling emerald shades,
Symbols of what’s been sowed
When you walk your yellow brick road...:))

Wow, that's beautiful, Vera! I LOVE THAT!

I grew up in the next town from Chittenango, NY, the birthplace and home of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz. The main sidewalks of the town are made of real yellow bricks. It's so fun walking down the yellow brick road! There was the annual Parade of the Munchkins where all the munchkins from the movie came to be in it. The last munchkin died a few years ago, which ended the traditional parade. Just a little history. But, the whole town is all The Wizard of Oz names. Toto's restaurant, Oz ice cream, etc. A very fun place to grow up near!

You should do a music video

Ha, ha, Rick---Don't temp me!

Yup, me too!

Yayyy! Nice pic! Smooooth!

Geez and I thought it was because it makes look cool.


Well, that, too! LOL

You are rocking your shades Erin :). I love my shades too!

You got it going on, girl!!!! Your future is bright!

Ah, that's why. I had been wondering, especially after seeing the photo of your's without sunshades. Yes, very fitting symbol, Erin!

Ha ha, Beate. Thanks!

Hhhhmmmmm. What about the old adage, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’? I wonder if that comes into play here Ms Mystery woman!? (Teasing)


Ha ha! Yes, the eyes are the pathway to the soul, Rick! But, I love my shades! LOL! My Pinterest post I wrote tonight shows my eyes..haha!

Why do you hide behind shades, why do you hind behind the H. Erin? Is it a part of the Mystery, keep reading everything will be revealed if you like my page.

You've read my blogs and know who I am through them. lol
Not all my photos have shades. Click on the one I sent to RCollis (Rick). :)!

Nah the Pinterest one is not you a doppelganger bought in for the photo shot LOL

Yeah, you're right. haha

HaHa awesome! I have around 6 pairs of prescription sunglasses so if I'm out I'll just leave them on even if it gets dark out.

My friends and family would always ask me why I'm wearing shades at night and I would say that exact quote.

I hate having to carry 2 pairs of glasses for day and night. I also have transition glasses but I'm not a fan.

I love my shades!

...and I'm loving your comment! I can't say I wear them at night, though. My eyes are sensitive to the light, especially when I drive and it's sunny out--And there's is no way I can go without them on the beach! I'll be taking a few pairs to ARUBA in a few weeks! I actually bought the ones I'm wearing in my photo at the Ritz Carlton's private beach in Cancun, Mexico. Ha ha. I wrote my last book there on the beach while wearing them!!

My eyes are also sensitive to light, but since my shades are prescription I just wear them at night. Not all the time, just when I happen to be out during the day and miscalculate when I'll be home lol.


I hear you! Me, too, but I don't have a prescription.

My sister and I go someplace different every year. She is the number one ranked salesperson in the country for the company she works for and earns 2 free, all-expense paid tropical trips each year! I go on one of them with her. We always stay at 5-star resorts on our own floor! Mostly at the Ritz Carlton. We even get a $3,000 credit at the hotel to spend on drinks and meals. We have never used it all! It's very cool. I love my sister and am so proud of her! This will be our second trip to Aruba!

Lucky you.

Just blessed is all!

You are Indeed.


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