Wait, Is It February Already? What Happened to January?

Last Update: Feb 7, 2019

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Don't you just wish you could take a stop watch and stop time! It just keeps on speeding by so quickly, I wish I could get hold of it--for a minute, anyway! LOL!

I'm making great progress with my writing---on my website, that is. I know I've been writing a little less here lately, but I get so caught up in my HOW TOs, Reviews, and Poo Poos! HAHA!

I've written several articles of various topics, and have 15 more in the loop for the rest of the week. As per a post by Jessica (SwanGirl) today, I reorganized the way I do my keyword phrases (Keyphrases). I changed the titles in a few posts today using her input. She uses QSRs under 40, and sometimes even lower than 15, which is what I found for them. The Avg Monthly Searches is in the thousands, and Traffic to Your Website if ranked on the first page is in the hundreds. This should work out fine for my site!

Find out more here. Tip to Make Progress on Websites With Little TIme

This has really gotten me to up my game around keyphrases! The titles I use now are my keyphrases! I adamantly have perfected the following in order to make each article more than Google-worthy! Below are essential areas you need to perfect BEFORE you publish your post online. It takes longer for me to work on these than it sometimes does to write my post!

  • SEO Title
  • Slug
  • Meta Description
  • Focus Keyphrase
  • Consecutive Sentences
  • Transition Words
  • Flesch Reading Ease
  • Passive Voice
  • Subheading Distribution
  • Paragraph Length
  • Sentence Length
  • Outbound Links
  • Internal Links
  • Keyphrase in Introduction
  • Meta Description Length
  • Previously Used Keyphrase
  • Keyphrase in Subheading
  • Image Alt Attributes
  • Text Length
  • Keyphrase in Title
  • SEO Title Width
  • Keyphrase in Slug


If you use Yoast, then you are familiar working with the above. All these steps add up to a great post! And when you get two GREEN lights, you're ready to rock and roll!


I love the new process I use from start to finish when writing blogs. The first thing I do is choose what to write about (I write what's trendy). Then, I open Jaaxy and research the heck out of my subject!

Then I write between 1,500-2,000 words and edit it, going through each check mark that is incomplete in Yoast. Correcting what needs to be perfected takes time. But, it's so gratifying witnessing the finished work!

My post then goes through to Google for observation and on to Schema for understanding.

Then, hoards of people get in their cars and race to my website! LOL

Here's to another 15 posts to add to the 5 new ones I've written this week! However, if I feel up to it, I'll try to shoot for 25. Bullseye!


I had better also mention that upon conclusion of each post, I click on over to Pinterest and Pin each photo used, connecting each photo to each article.


Then, I go site hopping to my five other websites and post external links from them to each article I've written.


Lastly, I post each article to FaceBook (personal and Group page), Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Something's got to happen from all this, right? I'm counting on it! I keep on reading all the posts from Vegas, dreaming about the possibilities! I am running the race and want to win!

Have fun, all!

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Erin :)!

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Thanks for sharing this info Erin. It is really helpful.

Glad I could help out, Raymond!

Erin :)!

Hi Erin, thanks for the tips. I think you were having such a great time in January that it just flew by.

Yeah, that was probably it, Michael! Ha, ha!

Erin :)!

This is really interesting reading for a newbie - Thank You - Mike

You're quite welcome, Mike! Nice to connect!

Erin :)!

Yes and it's already Feb. 6th! ... you're right -- where the heck has the time gone as it's flown by so quickly! .... time speed speeding up!

Thanks for all the tips here, Erin -- very much appreciated,

keep well, keep happy, cheerio ... :)

Hi Keisha! Yes, and the week's half over already! Let me know if you figure out how to slow it down! Ha, ha!


Erin :)!

gawd! ... you're right it's Thursday .... and here i thought it was Friday ... speeding up! ... lol .... cheerio .. :)


Thanks for reminding us about the basics of writing quality posts.

My pleasure, Don! Happy to share!

Erin :)!

I know right! Bye bye, Jan hi Feb. Wow yeah, it is just flying by. Thanks for the strategies and tips. 😀

Happy to, Kelyee! Thanks for coming by! xo

Erin :)!

Hi Erin, so every photo in your article you pin to Pinterest?
Have a great day

Yes, Tommy--most of them! Good day!

Erin :)!


Thanks for the tips!


You're quite welcome, my dear!

Erin :)!

Great article and advice. I've learned a lot about your new strategies. It also helps me out a bit. Yes, and January went zooming by as did 2018.


So happy you found them interesting, Danny! It's always great to help out a friend! Maybe if I slow down, the time will, too! LOL!

Erin :)!

It could happen Erin!


I can't slow down, though! haha

Didn't realize we had a January

HAHA, Andre! Tooooo funny!

Oh, wait, did we???

Erin :)!

That's my thoughts too maybe its just for the start of the new year and then that's it

Andre :))

Let's hope so, Andre! xo

Thank you appreciated and have a wonderful day Erin :))

Likewise, my friend!


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