The Adventure Begins.

Last Update: Apr 6, 2018

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Starting out on a new adventure is always exciting and fun. To put it in other words, it's downright thrilling!


My friend set out on her own adventure a few months ago in an RV with two friends--visiting all 50 of the United States and their landmarks. She posts at every destination on FB! It was a spur of the moment decision, and one that she'll always be thankful she made! (Last I knew, they were in Idaho!)


Wealthy Affiliate is my adventure, and it was also a spur of the moment decision for me. I wasn't even looking, but just happened upon it while doing other web research online for a site I was designing for a client. I was Googling something totally unrelated, but it came up in the search. It was so random! Much to my surprise, I was there--on a website--reading intently all the interesting information.


I began to picture myself on this wild adventure and succeeding greatly! The possibilities kept popping in my head of the financial gain I could obtain and all the fun I could have while making it happen. I work at home already designing sites and writing books, so I thought, what's one more thing to do? Little did I know that I could combine my two professions into this platform and work them all together! It is an explosive combination!


As with any brilliant program, there are always other money making ideas surrounding it. The possibilities began to seem endless to me and without thinking it totally through, I signed up. I got inside and was immediately welcomed and drawn into a flood of amazing people wanting to help ME! Soon, I was hooked on the training, and the rest is history!


I'm humbled to be at rank #4 and got to that point on March 28th, my daughter's 28th birthday! It was such a nice surprise! I've been here for almost two weeks, and don't know how long I will remain. But, if nothing else, it has built up my confidence to the point of complete motivation, and I knew that I was doing something right. I don't know how I got here. I was just having an unusual amount of fun!

After all, writing is my life, whether it's books, blogs, web content or sermons!


I work pretty much round the clock here and divide my time between my business and the community--working on my sites during the day and any remaining time at night and on into the wee morning hours, within the community. Weekends are more dedicated to church and fellowship.


Continuing on this adventurous journey is like knowing that there is more around each corner, and that if I keep seeking what's there with each turn, soon I will find that success awaits me!

Erin :)!

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Erin, I love your blogs! Honestly, I think you're the most inspirational fellow writer I've encountered. Indeed, this IS a very exciting journey to be on. I often think about the various possibilities, as well. For now, my goal is to break away from freelancing and be able to rely on my own sites for income. I'm not there yet, but I know it will come. After that, I'm planning a couple Kindle projects. But yeah, there are a number of things one can do with this education. Designing websites for others, being just one of many other things I've thought about. I don't know if I'll ever get around to doing that, but as long as I get my sites on page 1, this will have been more than worth it.

You are so kind! I'm speechless! You have a wonderful way of setting your goals out there! Your confidence is so impressive and your work will take root along the way because of it! So glad to have connected with you, as we have so much in common!

Congratulations on becoming the #4 rank! You deserve it. You are a hard worker. I'm proud of you!

I love you, Kimberly! Awwww!

Thank you so much Erin for this positive energy. it is infectious, the reason I like reading your blogs. congratulations on your excellent rank. keep going and motivating us. God bless your work.

I appreciate your sweet words! Yes, I have been blessed--and with all of you, too!

Good attitude.

The only kind to have! :)!

Dear dear WA Friend Erin...

You are an amazing whirlwind of all that is good and positive in this got to WA Rank #4 through hard work, creative contributions, helping and whatever the other rank metric is...tired and just had a brain glitch! Lol!

You cannot game the WA system so if it says you are #4 of 1.3 MILLION WOWZA! What an accomplishment - all while having fun and helping people!

Lucky us WA-ers to know you!

Barb of Ea$y-Money$

Hi Dr. Barb! So nice to hear all those wonderful words of yours. Thanks so much for your faith in me. I'm thrilled to connect with you!

Hi Erin!

We have a lovely WA Friendship going!

I value and appreciate you tremendously!!!

It’s a WIN-WIN in our faith department!

Barb xox

You deserved it. Following your footsteps. Lol. Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks, B! So glad to have you as my friend!

Number 4, nowhere to go now other than becoming a WA Employee. You deserve it. well done

Ha ha! I wouldn't mind that at all! Thanks, Hanley!

Congrats on being #4, Erin. Nice post. It's fun to hear of other people's adventures!

Thanks, Carol. Yes, I am thrilled for her.

I was talking about your adventure in WA Tee Hee. But I think a trip like your friend is taking would be fabulous!

Guess she won't be driving the RV to Hawaii, though! Are they gonna put it aboard a ship?

Haha, Carol, I wouldn't put it past her!

Holly smoly, do you ever get some sleep my lady!??

I know what you mean, there is not enough time in a "waking day."
Bu' ohhh my gosh, you take it to another level.

You really love what you do, young lady!

Thank you so much for that story. Yes you are my mentor.

Please keep them posts coming. I am focused to hear more of what you experience. I wanna get there where you're at!

Awesome story!



You are the amazing one, Frank! You really make me smile! Mahalo!

Not sure about all this seeking and go getting sounds a bit busy!

It's quite Joyous for me at the moment, without chasing other things but I get where you are going!

The joy is within!


Wherever that joy takes you is where you shall dwell!

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