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Last Update: Mar 29, 2018

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I just wanted to extend my thanks to everyone who has written such kind replies to my blog posts! You've really shared some wonderful and exciting thoughts and have started some great conversations!


When an idea or question pops into my head, I begin to write. Expressing myself through content is truly inspiring to me, and I can delve into such a vast range of subjects! Writing is actually my lifestyle and fits into Wealthy Affiliate perfectly--writing blogs posts and web material.


In writing children's books, I tend to jump back into my childhood when I write. Some of the blogs I've typed here may add a touch of that. Remembering back through the years can bring forth a huge array of topics. Each day when I'm working on my website, some always surface in my mind to use at night, when I'm floating around the community.

You can express anything you want in your thoughts and bring them out to a place of helping others. Things you know, things you have learned and then share with others reach out to an expansive group.


Somewhere inside each and every on of us is a genius waiting to arise. Enrich your mind with words to enhance the person you truly are.

Thank you for always stopping by and for your most welcome comments!

Erin :)!

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Great thoughts and learning messages...thanks for your precious time...

It's so sweet of you to say so! You're so very welcome, my friend!

Keep on writing as you are very good at it and you also love it, what more could you ask for.

There's so much inside us all to express! Thank you for bringing it out of me!

Hi Erin
Going through your posts has made me a rich writer. Yes, I said a rich writer. You know many of the ideas and thoughts I have shared here are actually inspired by your blogs and posts. I am not exaggerating but this is the truth. You are born to write.
Keep writing! Everything you write is a valuable piece.
God Bless you.

Your response just brought tears of joy to my eyes! I'm so appreciative of your intellect and kindness! Your words humble me.

Thank you, Erin. You are, indeed, an inspiration to us. Everyday whenever I visit the community, I look for you. I have not been disappointed.

You give us strength to continue.

All the best.

That makes me so happy, Mojalefa! I love your kind heart!

You are an inspiration for all of us too at least that is what I feel. So thank you!! Erin

Tried and true


Humbled, I'm sure, Elaine! Love your spirit!

You are such a good writer that I am happy to come over and check out your new thoughts or perspective. And you are an inspiring example, a bright star of an example of doing whatever it takes to allow that stream of thoughts to flow out, clearly and concisely.
I believe your primary attitude is, that there is nothing Erin can't do, and if it's difficult, all the better, Erin will get help and figure it out!
Next Erin throws herself in 100%, sink or swim. Immersion kind of works that way.
Finally, what's to fear but fear itself. False Evidence Appearing Real. We've got a voice and can call for help. It comes really fast around here!
And to summarize, what's real is what you allow to be real for you, and then actualize it. Make it your own reality, and after that us girls can then accessorize it anyway we want to. Fearlessly with style take the leap of faith. (Name your car that, Leap of Faith, then you'll get used to using it as a tool for abundance. LOL with love!), Suzay.

Those are some wondrous thoughts of yours, Suzay! You have so much spunk and vigor inside of you and truly express it well! Thank you for your intake of my writing and for sharing all your thoughts here! My deepest appreciation, my friend! xoxo

U 2 Erin, I really like your stuff, and you. Have a great day!

Nice post Erin..:)
There are many things to learn from u..I have many thoughts but find it difficult to express them in words..but will definitely succeed one day..

You just expressed your thoughts here, dear one! You have more inside of you than you know--without digging deep! They will surface as soon as you sit back and allow them to. Difficulty is not an option for you! XOXO!

Nice post Erin, I like the last part about Genius, I often use that phrase, part in jest to my wife, when I don't reply to something as quickly as she thinks I should!!

Ha ha, Dave! Thanks for your humor!

Your welcome, glad you liked it

Of course! I always like your comments!

Thanks Erin, have a good day

You, too, Dave!

I did, it was fun, hope you did as well and that you are enjoying easter and having a godo day today

Yes and blessings to you! Happy Easter! Early church service then traveling to see my fiance's family. :)!

I think I should learn this from you, most time writing look very boring to me. I think you have to gear me up.

Okay! Sounds good to me! Consider yourself primed for some great writing! I know you can do it!

Are you going somewhere?

Just a thank you, you’re not going anywhere? Is it 05:30 - in the morning?

I presume you are doing your large scale gratitude for the day!

Have a wonderful one!

And thank you for all the wonderful sharing you do!!


No, haha---just had a sentimental moment, I guess. The only place I'm going now is to bed! Thanks for your sweet comment! :)!

G nite to you! Internet language.


Ha ha--My sister and I always text that to each other!

OK, right.



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