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IN LIGHT OF THE CHRISTMAS SEASON.When we reflect on Christmas and all it has to offer, spreading and receiving joy will have a lasting impact on the rest of your life!SO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS WEEK?Take time during this upcoming week (and always) to give out some happiness from your heart to someone who needs your kindness. It will make all the difference in the world!At the same time, you will have entered into your soul, the wonderful act of also receiving a feeling of joy.STRETCH THE LIMIT
YES, CHRISTMAS IS A BUSY TIME OF YEAR.Things may slow down a bit on the Wealthy Affiliate platform during the next couple weeks. Members will be gathering with family, attending church services, going to parties, getting the house ready for guests and preparing the festive meals. However, taking a brief hiatus doesn't suspend your account here OR your sales! I admit, spending time writing website posts will improve your overall traffic flow, but your traffic won't stop flying!Take time to enjoy
WE START LEARNING IMMEDIATELY WHEN WE'RE BORN.There's a common saying that, "You learn something new every day." However, in most cases, we learn many new things each day, no matter how much we already know---Especially here at Wealthy Affiliate! It's pretty much all about the learning here. Without it, we'd be running around in circles, trying to make ends meet!Learning allows us to grow, prosper, enrich our minds, and make sensible decisions. It helps us to live up to our fullest potential.Ru
December 14, 2018
SHOPPING & SALES ARE ON THE INCREASE!For those who offer products or services on their websites, this is for you!As Christmas draws near, people are crazily shopping in a desperate manner on the internet! It is the PERFECT opportunity to rake in some great SALES during the Christmas rush!Now is the precise time to do whatever you can to get the flow of web traffic to your site!Work on your unique and high-ranking keywords / SEO. You should be spending a great deal of time on Jaaxy. Your SEO
CAMARADERIE IS A VERY DISTINGUISHED AND RESPECTED WORD.It means the quality of displaying similar familiarity and sociability; Showing dignity or authority in appearance and manner. When someone is referred to as having an aire of camaraderie, they are renowned, well-known, esteemed, illustrious, great, worthy, grandee, celebrated, important, notable, influential and prominent. It's like putting on the crown of glory!WHERE HAVE YOU HEARD THIS WORD?Many times, we hear the word camaraderie in a P
December 06, 2018
SOMEDAY ALWAYS COMES TOO SOON.Remember way back in the day when you were just starting out on your own in life? It may have been at the "time" you had clocks like the ones in the photo. All the "time" in the world was before you.Well, a common phrase back then was, "Someday, it will happen," or "Someday, I will get to it." After all, "time" wasn't of the essence like it is "now." If we only could turn back "time" and have the mentality of this post back then!"Someday I wish upon a star and wake
December 06, 2018
THE SEQUELThis post is a follow-up to my NYC bus trip last week.NYC Trip--It's Christmastime in the City!There were about 30 members of Tony's Italian clan---and little ole' Irish me---on a bus going to NYC. We do this every year, compliments of my future sister-in-law Aura and her fam. They treat for all of us to: have lunch at the famous Carmine's Restaurant, take on a Broadway show (Frozen) and top it off at Zuma for apps and drinks. In past years we've seen productions of WICKED and PHANTO
STILL DREAMING OF MY CASTLEAs I head toward the end of this Case Study year, and coming on the nine month mark in this constant experiment, I find myself needing a bit of encouragment.AM I DREAMING?I know that anything is possible with a great deal of hope and commitment. However, time is going so quickly and there is still so much to do! With just three months to go, I want to stay in my positive mode and have faith in myself. I want, more than anything, to succeed.DREAMING UP NEW IDEASIn my M
December 02, 2018
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?When something is said to be Few and Far Between, it refers to a rare occurrence; something that is unique or does not happen very often, as warm days during a snowy winter, or happening upon a Praying Mantis.Wealthy Affiliate could be referred to as Few and Far Between. It is a company of rare and unique qualities--woven around a Few and Far Between community of like-minders and entrepreneurs. HOW OFTEN DOES A COMPANY SUCH AS THIS DEVELOP AND FLORISH?Not very often! We have
NEW YORK CITY BOUND!Going to the city for our Annual bus trip with my fiance's family! We will go to Carmine's for a spectacular luncheon, then to see the production of FROZEN at the theatre and, of course, Christmas shopping! It will be a great, yet long, day. (up at 3:45 am, back home around 1:00 am!) Tony's sister and her family treat everyone for Christmas each year! A full busload of Italians! YIKES! hahaSee you Monday with Pics!Erin :)!