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JUST OUT OF CURIOUSITYHow many of you Super Affiliates will be joining Kyle and Carson at the SA Conference in Vegas in a couple weeks?I just want to say, "HAVE A BLAST and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED!"Be safe and report back to us! Your dreams are about to BURST WIDE OPEN!CONGRATS! ENJOY!I'm working on it for 2020!Write your name below if you're going in 2019!Take care!Erin :)!
MY NETWORK.Having a network of 7K on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate can only mean one thing----great interaction! Combining business efforts with a network of this size keeps me on a steady road to success with all the helping hands and advice!THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME THE BOOST I NEED AND WHEN I NEED IT!You are all so dear to me! XOXO You know who you are!!Erin :)!
January 13, 2019
PRESSING ON IN THE NEW YEAR.What better time than the present, and at the start of a brand New Year, to really get ahead?! Putting on your hat of creativity and driving on the road to progress is what will make it happen for you in 2019! To reach your destination of success will be life-changing and oh, so worth the drive!KEEPING THE RIGHT MINDSET AND FOCUS WILL DETERMINE THE OUTCOME.No matter what, keep your heals to the pavement and climb to new heights. We all want to achieve success, and to
TRUST IS A KEY COMPONENT IN LIFE.From the moment we are born, trust is a main part of our existence. Depending on another to direct and lead us is the cornerstone to life. In this form, trust and dependence go hand-in-hand. It's human nature!ENVÉLOPING trust, (accent on the second syllable), surrounds us with confidence. ENVÉLOP means to surround, cover, enwrap, blanket, enfold, swathe or swaddle, as a mother or father does with a child, blanketing him or her with love and deep de
WRITING MASSIVE CONTENT AND HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE, TOO.Have you ever heard people say that there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what you need to get done? Well, I am here to tell you that THERE ARE!You just have to space your time out and remember to take breaks so you don't fry your brain! In a previous post, Preparing for 2019, I stated my main goal for the next 3 months as being to write five 1,000-word Comparison Reviews per day / 5 days a week = 5,000 words a day or 25,00
...AND SHE'S COMING AROUND THE HOME STRETCH!Well, it's the New Year and I'm in POWER MODE! I have just 5 short months till my one-year Case Study is completed! Of course, I will be working on it probably until infinity. But, for now, I'm stepping it up! Plus, although the end date is May 22nd, I may work till the end of the month, but will let you know. At any rate, I am stretching myself to the limit!19th TASK RECAPLast month, I researched more sales promotions on ClickBank to implement. I di
WITH THE UPCOMING SUPERBOWL ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE..I thought it would be smart and fun to compare your work ethics to that of a professional athlete. Think about their desire and drive to accomplish their dreams of WINNING. They each put incredible EFFORT into their SKILLS. They each TRAIN ENDLESSLY to get in the best SHAPE of their lives. They each have GOALS MOVING FORWARD.So then, think of yourself beginning to work your business. Think like a pro athlete---a golfer, football player, hockey pl
December 28, 2018
GETTING RIGHT DOWN TO BUSINESS.As the New Year approaches, I have some big plans in mind for the upcoming year ahead! I am going to:Re-evaluate my websites, going over each and tweaking where they need work. I will weed out the affiliate promotions that are not earning regularly and add new affiliate links.I will also be:Stepping up my $50,000 a Month Case Study site and power-working on it for the next 5 months.This will include:Re-writing my goals and adding massive Reviews to them. I want to
THE START OF SOMETHING GREAT!A client of mine came over to my home the day before Christmas to purchase the newly revised website that I designed for him. We both signed the Contract I drew up and went over the Purchase Agreement. Then, he wrote me a check for $250, with a Monthly Hosting fee of $50 to be paid on the 24th of each month hereafter! I guess I can say Christmas came a day early for me!CHRISTMAS MIRACLES DO EXIST!It just goes to show you that miracles do happen, especially when you
WHAT DO I SEE WHEN I LOOK BACK?Reflecting over the past year of my life, I see great effort to rise above the trials and tribulations. Life is not always easy, but in times like these, we must look beyond to a most beautiful and hopeful future existance. The future is "the time or a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come."THIS IS A NEW DAY TO AWAKEN YOUR NEW SCROOGE.It's like waking up on Christmas morning, as I just did, with a renewed sense