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A QUICK UPDATEI've been at a constant pace this year writing my time away with website content. For my Case Study site, I have been sticking to trendy searches, writing blog topics from Side Hustles to Digital Nomads---and everything in between. Traffic has started to pick up and things look good so far.SAY WHAT?This year alone, I have written 101,434 words, mainly for my case study website. I'm proud of that number, but know I can do even better. (I didn't start using SiteContent until well in
OPEN FOR BUSINESSI am really beginning to feel that I'm "open for business" since I've been writing constant quality content on my blog. Making my site inviting and genuine puts the worm on the hook to lure in seekers.Every single success post I read always enthusiastically states to "Keep on going!" and "Don't give up!" That, "if you push yourself out of your comfort zone to a place of consistent effort, you will get there." And, they all say, "YOU REALLY WILL!"WELL, I AM BEGINNING TO BELIEVE
MOVING FORWARD TO NEW HEIGHTSGotta love the double digits! In progressing on with my Case Study website, I have been practicing viral writing of Reviews, HOW TOs, BEST OFs, Empowering Posts and Various Articles relating to the world of Affiliate Marketing----every in and out of it!I took on a new strategy in the process, in order to create some more conversions. I wrote a 3,254 word post of the Ten Top Affiliate Marketing Companies (my picks) so that I could join the ones I'm not affiliated wit
February 12, 2019
PASSION IS THE DRIVING FORCE AT WEALTHY AFFILIATE.This Thursday, (especially) I send out LOVE to all my friends in the Wealthy Affiliate community. You know who you are! As time progresses here, we are all enriched by each other's input, wisdom and endurance. This is such a treasured and unique form of unity!Empowerment is the key to anyone's success! I wish to extend my sincere affection to all my friends and mentors here with many Blessings in the year to come.You have all truly made such a p
TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE----WRITING! Don't you just wish you could take a stop watch and stop time! It just keeps on speeding by so quickly, I wish I could get hold of it--for a minute, anyway! LOL!I'm making great progress with my writing---on my website, that is. I know I've been writing a little less here lately, but I get so caught up in my HOW TOs, Reviews, and Poo Poos! HAHA!I've written several articles of various topics, and have 15 more in the loop for the rest of the week. As per a post
GROUNDHOG DAY BUSINESS SALES IDEAS.Personally, Punxsutawney Phil has good sense to expand winter here in America 6 more weeks! In essense, that gives us interneters more time to rake in the sales. HAHA!Recent studies show that greater than 99% of employers are small businesses. Plus, 71% of all small business owners do their own digital marketing on websites.Being part of that 71%, did you know that every February 2nd, thousands of people attend the celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, wh
WHAT IS SCHEMA?Schema plugin totally BOOSTS the search traffic on all your pages and posts---hundreds & thousands in minutes with no code! It has the capability of gathering information for your WordPress hierachy (how people are ranked) and read the necessary schema dot org markup across all your content.Schema markup was designed specifically to convey semantics of web content to the search engines. The main idea for this is to relate more understanding through the posted content. While H
YOU ARE MORE SKILLED THAN YOU MAY THINK!Have you been blogging for months, or maybe even years, and can't seem to grow your audience, no matter what you do? Or, maybe you've tried endless ways to promote your blog, but nothing at all has worked as of yet? So, why then, are things not going your way?Trying different strategies and tactics may eliminate the ways that aren't working for you. But, that is taking so much time, and you would rather be making profits. Some bloggers that have millions
FROM BABY STEPS TO GIANT STEPS!As many of you already know, I've been extremely stepping up my game!In my last Task post, I talked of:getting more sales promotions on ClickBank to sell on my CS site.analizing my Search Tactics and going through all of my posts and pages; adding to them, re-editing and working diligently on the SEOpromoting Pins and Rich Pins on PinterestAdding some more funnelswriting more contentwriting Comparison Reviewsworking on a Guest Blogger pageTHIS IS WHAT I'VE ACCOMPL
ALL MY TEDIOUS WRITING, RESEARCHING AND SEO IS PAYING OFF!Since I professionalized my Case Study website, changed the theme, designed a great new logo and added tons more content, my TRAFFIC NUMBERS are rising through the roof! Plus, I just launched my 2019 MMO Guide with an Email Optin Landing Page that I created, along with a 7-Day Online Training Series Email Campaign.Today, I checked my traffic, and in just 2 days (over the weekend), it went from 24 to 528!I had 215 on Saturday and 313 on S