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RANKMATH PLUGIN ★★★★★There has been some chat lately about using only one keyword per post -- your "one" targated keyword. Yesterday, I read a great post by Kaju where he states his opinions and gives some good insights into the matter. Also, GlenPalo posted a link below in his comment that will help you get a thorough look into RankMath. In relation to this topic, I came across a plugin when doing a search today. It's called RankMath, a plugin that centers around
MY SHOPIFY STORE IS GAINING TRACTION!Hey all! So, let's face it, ONLINE SHOPPING is where it's at now! Yes, everyone is buying on the Net and it's a multi-Billion dollar industry! People are spending billions online and that amount is only rising!So, right along with working on the Super Affiliate Challenge, I've been managing my Shopify store. After it's creation, I began adding high, trending products--130 to be exact so far--and it's getting a wide amount of interest!I've watched countless S
THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1776-2019On this day today, we celebrate American Independence. July 4th is a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the "birth" of the United States of America--an independent nation under God.So, as we enjoy family, friends, barbecues, sparklers and fireworks, we think of how entirely Blessed we are to live as a free and independent country--from sea to shining sea!Be safe and have fun, folks! XOXOErin :)!**Today would have also been my parent's 62nd Weddi
THE ONE YEAR MARKHey all! How's everyone doing?! Well, I'm at my 25th Task post, and hitting the one-year mark, so here's my $50,000 a month Case Study report to keep you all informed.I Want to Generate $50,000 a Month: This is My Year-Long Case StudyAlthough my HEN Affiliates site is doing quite well and allowing me to live quite comfortably, it has not yet reached my targeted goal. So, needless to say, my study has been extended a bit longer. I am determined to reach my dream goal, and will c
THIS IS MY 24th of 25 POSTS.Well folks, it's getting down to the wire now, and I still have a lot of work to do! With only one more Task post to go, I will be evaluating what more needs to be done to achieve my goal of $50,000 a Month in a year's time. However, no matter how long it takes me to do this, I have complete Faith that it can and will be done!THIS PAST MONTH.During the past month, I have been working on a Shopify store, where I am promoting and selling products using their dropshippi
April 18, 2019
ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!Although my Case Study is not yet complete for another month or so, I feel the need to reveal my website. The reason being is that since I began the SUPER AFFILIATE CHALLENGE 2019-2020, everyone is posting their sites for assistance. I feel it would be in my best interest to acquire help with the rest of the bunch.ANOTHER HUGE REASON.Plus, in order for me to viralize my traffic, I really need COMMENTS and FEEDBACK! So, with that said, I will be posting my Case Study site
A HANDY DANDY CHECKLIST THAT WILL INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG.I thought it would be helpful to you if I shared a list I made and use for each and every blog post I write. I actually have a "Before" and "After" Checklist. This way, I make sure I have completed each task I need to before I hit "Publish," and the steps I take afterwards to promote my blog.BEFORE YOU PUBLISH:1. Quality of Writing: Write a post that is beneficial to your reader, and that uses keywords and has a persuasive tone. Ge
April 02, 2019
I'm Humbled and elated at the same time!The news in my inbox tonight from Kyle changed my whole course of action! Being chosen to participate in the SUPER AFFILIATE CHALLENGE 2019, 2020 is what I've been hoping and praying for!I plan to use my Case Study site, enhancing my efforts to the max! It is very well established already, but now I will be guided and pushed to up my game even MORE!The Week Ahead.This week, I will be writing 2 keyword rich posts (most likely 3 or 4) and reviewing all of A
I THINK I'VE GOT THIS.I'm just here for a minute to give you some updates on my Case Study site. Yes, I thought I'd jump back in the community tonight for a bit to enlighten you on how and what I'm doing.As you know, I have stepped up my writing game and have written a lot of HOW TOs and Reviews. But lately, I began writing Best Of posts. I thought, "Why not?" I got the idea from Dylan's recent post and went with it. Website Sold for $30,000He just sold his website for $30,000, so I figured I w
March 06, 2019
LET'S TAKE YOUR SEO & KEYWORDS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!I've been utilizing Jaaxy for all my SEO & Keyword needs since day one here at Wealthy Affiliate. The beauty of Jaaxy reigns when the proper and precise keywords and keyphrases are chosen and implemented into your post. (no doubt)Keyword Research is definitely the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. Without doing this research, your SEO campaign will be based on a lot of assumptions, and unlikely to produce concrete results. Unfortuna