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Last Update: Dec 7, 2018

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Remember way back in the day when you were just starting out on your own in life? It may have been at the "time" you had clocks like the ones in the photo. All the "time" in the world was before you.

Well, a common phrase back then was, "Someday, it will happen," or "Someday, I will get to it." After all, "time" wasn't of the essence like it is "now." If we only could turn back "time" and have the mentality of this post back then!

"Someday I wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me." That line from the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is beginning to make a lot of sense. Even back on October 7, 1938, when the song was released, people were dreaming of better days!


Well, I am here right NOW to tell you that your "someday" is here! Changing your "someday" to "now" is an important mindset that will enable you to become who or what you want to be.

Bringing your conscious dreams and goals into reality is quite the thing you need to do in order to become successful.

I heard this quote on a movie last week that is in perfect tune with this blog post:

"You get to a point in life when someday becomes now, and you've just got to go for it full on."

Wow! That pretty much hit the nail on the head! Huh?!

Seeking new ventures and finding new ways of advancement is challenging, I know. But, putting your best foot forward has its rewards! There is always so much to learn and take in, but that's the beauty of it all. Enriching your focus on brainpower can direct you to present and near-future goals. Take that leap of faith!


Organization is key to directing your work and having it fall into place. A firm motivation builds momentum that will advance you in life. Be determined and know that your hard work IS paying off!

When things seem to be happening slowly, and not progressing the way you want them to, be strong and confident. Don't think about "someday," think about "now!" Each little task you are performing "now" is leading you to your success. Building your business may take time, but each effort is drawing you closer and closer to the day when life will instantly become easier!


Clutter your thoughts with lavish wants. Plant seeds NOW that will take root. The sooner you can establish your game plan and work toward it, the quicker it will unfold. Make lists, write goals and stand on a firm foundation of positivity.

Your destiny is before you. Reach out and live in the "NOW!" Your "someday" is HERE!

After all, there's no "time" like the present!

PLEASE LIKE and SHARE, if you wish, to SPREAD THE MOTIVATION! Thank you!

Erin :)!

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They say good things come to those who wait. I never liked that saying. Opportunity knocks every day, we just have to grab it! Great motivational post heading into a weekend of writing. Sent you a PM you will like.
Have a great weekend Erin.


Thanks, Mark. Loved your PM!! Enjoy!!

Erin :)!

-Well, We only live in the moment, Today is only yesterdays tomorrow, and the future is still a dream, someday never was,.....

I LOVE that, Paul! So cool!

Erin :)!

We only have NOW and we must embrace it and act TODAY. Tomorrow is not a given and yesterday has passed.
Thank you for reminding us of what is important.
Hope you have a splendid weekend!
C & P

Hey C & P! You are so right! Nice words from your heart! Enjoy your weekend, as well! XOXO

Erin :)!

Hey Erin,
Great blog and super motivated!! Upwards and onwards TODAY!!!

Tried and True


So happy to hear that, Elaine!! XOXO

Erin :)!

my dad always told me someday will never come just do it now and the job is finished don't postpone what you can do right away.
Have a great day

I've heard that many times, too, growing up from my parents, Tommy! Good advice!

Erin :)!

Every day I wake up and say today is my now day get it done

Very wise words, Sherman! Love it!

Erin :)!

Hi Erin, that was such a cool post, I like the song from Disney, especially the line,

"Makes no difference who you are "

We all have the opportunity to create our " now" all we have to do is believe in ourselves and even in the quietness and when things are not going according to plan all we need is to believe and have faith in ourselves that when the time comes we will make the right decisions.

We can all find our now. thank you for the motivation.


Beautifully stated, Alex! Words to live by! I'm so glad you pointed out that line. Nice!!

Erin :)!

Totally agree with you Erin. Motivation breeds momentum breeds success. Boy, do I know about this. Complacency/stagnation held me back for way too long.
Thanks for the reminder.
Cheers Aussie Jill

I think we all know about it, Jill, and have been that way at one time or another. So happy you stopped by! xoxo

Erin :)!

Me too! Thanks lol

You're quite welcome!

Herrin one of my favorite songs from Walt Disney as a kid growing up.

You can google the whole song , I couldn't figure how to copy and paste on my phone the whole song.

It's a positive song !

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet

Read more: Disney - When You Wish Upon A Star Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Success isn't always immediate .
I was just watching the famous singer Johnny Mathis .
He started singing at 19 years old and did not become a success until he was 25 years old and what a success he became !

Keep dreaming all you people at W.A. !!!

Beautiful reply and song, John! I forgot how awesome the words were! Thanks for typing them out!

And Johnny Mathis---a favorite of mine! Thank you for enhancing my post with your thoughts!

Erin :)!

I thought I was the only one up late but I came home late after watching a great hockey game, with my little God son .

Yes I'am the Godfather ha ha he's my buddy.
We both got bday gifts of free tickets.
Then one of the hosts at the game gave us a big bottomless tub of hot buttered popcorn free I guess it was my smile ?

So that's my excuse what's yours ha ha.
Also are Canucks won finally !

Vancouver! I watch many of their games! Love hockey! Of course, the Boston Bruins are my team.

Hot buttered bottomless popcorn sounds awesome right about now---or actually ANY time! LOL! I go to the movies just for the popcorn! Ha ha! So glad you had a nice time with your God son. xo

Erin :)!


Couldn’t agree more 👍

Hey, Nigel! Great minds!

Erin :)!

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