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Last Update: August 06, 2019


There has been some chat lately about using only one keyword per post -- your "one" targated keyword. Yesterday, I read a great post by Kaju where he states his opinions and gives some good insights into the matter.

Also, GlenPalo posted a link below in his comment that will help you get a thorough look into RankMath.

In relation to this topic, I came across a plugin when doing a search today. It's called RankMath, a plugin that centers around SEO and getting a consistent source of traffic for your site. It helps every website owner get access to tools in order to improve SEO and draw more traffic.


If you always feel that you can do more in regard to SEO for your website, but don’t have the time to figure it all out, then RankMath may be what you’re looking for.

Their Smart Automation features give you the help equal to a whole SEO Team! This game-changing SEO plugin has a keen design with fantastic features.

It may compete with All In One SEO and Yoast for accuracy, but RankMath offers a feature the others don't have...

You can rank up to 5 keywords on one post!

Yes, check out the features exclusive to RankMath:

  • Easy to follow set up wizard
  • Integrates with Google Schema Markup (Rich Snippets Integrated)
  • Optimize up to 5 Keywords
  • Google Keyword Ranking Opportunity
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Pre-Selected Optimal Settings
  • LSI Keyword Tool Integrated
  • Social Image Add Overlay Icons
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
  • SEO Tests (40)
  • Module Based System
  • Local Business SEO
  • Smart Redirection Manager
  • Breadcrumbs (SEO Optimized)
  • 404 Monitor
  • Deep Content Analysis Tests
  • Internal Linking Suggestions
  • Only 30k Lines of Code (Others have over 50k)
  • Role Manager

You can learn more about these features when you view the details of the plugin.


    • Google Keyword Suggestion: In regard to focus keywords, RankMath can help you find and discover keywords and keyword phrases by getting keyword suggestions from Google!
    • Auto Configuration: Just set a few options, and RankMath will configure with your website.
    • Super Fast SEO Plugin: Despite all the features, it has a minimal load on the server.
    • SEO Analyzer: Built in and gives you SEO recommendations.
    • 5 Keywords: Optimize up to 5 Keywords at once!


    If you're already using Yoast, AIO SEO, AIO Schema Rich Snippets or SEOPress SEO plugin, with one click you can import all your settings from whatever SEO plugin you use now, transferring all your data in an instant. Also, in doing this you won't lose any SERP rankings!

    RankMath SEO Plugin is perfect for:

    • Bloggers
    • eCommerce Store Owners
    • Niche Sites
    • Online Businesses
    • Local Businesses
    • Anybody with a Website and a Passion

    Just another handy dandy plugin -- to open your eyes to the fact that it IS possible to rank for 5 keywords in one article!

    I thought I'd share this in case anyone was interested!

    Erin :)!

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    hanley Premium Plus
    Thanks, Erin. interesting. might give it a try?
    herinnelson Premium
    Hi Peter! You're quite welcome! Sounds good.

    Erin :)!
    RAFStuart Premium
    Hi Erin, missed your posts will have a look at this,
    Many thanks :)!
    herinnelson Premium
    Awww, thanks, Stuart! That's great!

    Erin :)!
    RAFStuart Premium
    You are welcome as always.

    herinnelson Premium
    Aww. :)
    RAFStuart Premium
    Must start to stop this chatting up.:)!
    OrgainITGuy Premium
    Thank you Erin... I am most certainly interested! :) I just did a tranfer and I think I love it already.

    Ie stayin ahead of the game like.
    herinnelson Premium
    That's great, Robert! Glad to hear it!

    Erin :)!
    rubanzema Premium
    You can target one keyword when writing your content but it can normally rank for more than one keywords.
    herinnelson Premium
    Precisely. That's what Kaju was talking about in his post, referring to what Jay said about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

    Semantic means, “relating to meaning in language or logic.”

    In other words, the LSI finds words that are related to each other. When you use them in your article, they can also rank well.

    That's why it's good to stay on topic, so you use words relating to your keyword.
    JKulk1 Premium
    Hi Erin. I was having issues with site speed and rank math turned out to be the culprit. Jim
    herinnelson Premium
    Really? My site speed's been great. Did you use it with another SEO plugin?
    JKulk1 Premium
    Only what WA supplied. Should I have switched it off.
    herinnelson Premium
    Using 2 SEO plugins tends to slow down your site. Maybe use one or the other. There should be a warning on your WordPress dashboard about this.