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Last Update: Sep 19, 2018

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Within the constraint of Wealthy Affiliate, we are in a world all our own. We try out the tools, write the keyword rich content, converse with the community and give each other advice, among a few of our tasks. So, what we are doing here is building a business within a business. (Our business in WA's business).


But, what we haven't considered as of yet, is that we can take all the things that make Wealthy Affiliate who they are and use it to create more! In other words, we can implement the different aspects of this platform and apply it to OUR business!

That leads me to this--create a WA promotion site and explain all the ways in which WA runs it's platform.

  1. Expert training. courses rundown.
  2. Community. An online social presense
  3. Jaaxy (review).
  4. SiteRubix platform. Our web presence.
  5. Blogs.
  6. LIVE Videos training courses.
  7. Customizied everything! ...and so much more.

Continue to include all there is to know of this platform and add it to your site. Create blogs within blogs!

Take these things to heart and all the knowlege that WA uses to grow. Include all aspects of this platform to your website.

Kyle and Carson had a vision--an idea that would work in creating a structured and secure platform that would rise above all others.

They succeeded immensely!

Tens of Thousands of people joined! (over 1,400,000!)

Let's duplicate that theory and knowledge and get one million MORE referrals!

So, why wouldn't you promote Wealthy Affiliate?

It may just have the highest income potential!

Erin :)

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Thank you for sharing. Very well explained

You're welcome!! Glad you found it interesting!

Thanks Herinnelson. Words to live by.

Amen!! Thanks, Kimberly!

Hey, I have no idea why someone would not want to promote WA. As you say, the rewards are great!

Yes, they are and it's kind of a no-brainer to me!

Great blog Erin, thanks for sharing.

My pleasure, Alejandra! XOXO

In my experience of quite a number of years searching for an online business, I found more than that in Wealthy Affiliates: I have found a community that is bound by the ideal of promoting each other for success, collectively. This encourages honesty and integrity.

We should indeed promote it. There are a lot of good people out there who are looking and searching for this environment. We can make it a little easier by doing exactly what you suggest, Erin.

Thank you very much for the post.

All the best

Beautiful words, Mojalefa! You're quite welcome! It is a process, but a simple process if we follow the leader!

Great Post Erin!

I love that you promote WA within WA.

Your post will be seen all over the Web since WA is very well indexed and ranked.

Great Job and brilliant idea! We should all follow in your footsteps!

Exactly, D!!! WA within WA!
I never thought about the rank on Google! Wow! Thanks for pointing that out! I appreciate your kind words! :)!

Fab post, Erin. Xx

Love you, Lauren!

Brilliant post, which has given me some good ideas, in respect of further promotion of WA, I already do heaps of it, across the net, to my network and on G+ 9Fast seeing that in a different light now!)

The training we get here, provides us with what the so called Elite Marketers claim to know, which sadly isn't up to the mark inost cases, so that makes us here the Elite ( in my eyes at least!)

It also gives us other worpdress and social media skills that we can employ, without having to 'sell' anything, around wordpress to others that are using the wordpress platform already

So a true win win situation for us all

A fab way of looking at it, Dave! We gain so much knowledge here, and all inherited from the leaders. Why not take that knowledge and put it to work for us!

Its a must do I believe


Do you ever sleep?... :) its 11.07 at time of writing this in the UK where I am, so you must be in the middle of the night!!

Awesome! I'm still really, really new at this! What classes and/or help would you recommend? I can use all the advice I can get!!

Begin with the Certification Course and go right through every step to Affiliate Bootcamp. Then proceed through that until the end. It is a step-by-step training that allows you to implement all you learn to your website. Once you do that, you'll see awesome progress!

How many current members are there Erin - any idea? The 1,000,000 you highlight, is that since 2002?

You may not know, it's just so I have my facts straight.


I see Kyle and Carson are following about 320,000 friends so that's the number I would go with.

Good question. I'm just quoting Kyle--over one million. I changed it to be safe--to tens of thousands!

That's considerably lower than I said!

Just found out: over 850,000! It says it in the Premium Membership page:

Ok Erin thanks!

I’ll have a word with a few friends, let’s see if we can get that up to a round million by tomorrow! Lol

I meeting lots of people that would benefit from WA lately - I must finish my website!!

Thank you


Yes--it's a race to the finish! A round million sounds amazing! I'm in!

Usain Bolt and the Tortoise remember, slow and steady!

We could with just the following you have here - right let’s get some work done!

Nice comments everyone and good work Erin!!


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