People always ask me, "Have you made any money?

Last Update: Mar 6, 2018



When talking among the members here, especially newcomers, I constantly get asked if I have found success and made money here. Well, besides my past posts about it, I will answer their question now.

The answer is---YES! I HAVE!

However, my answer expands not only toward the financial aspect of it, but also well beyond---

Success is measured in so many different and beneficial ways other than money. After all, you can't take it with you!


The WORLDWIDE friendships I've connected to are AMAZING! They reach out to every direction of the globe and have been so monumental in establishing my business. The help within the community with these various individuals has exceeded my expectations so far beyond what I have imagined!


But, beyond the money and friendships even, I have grown so much in what I have absorbed. The learning experience goes well past what I was taught in college! It has branched out to new depths, and into areas I had never explored before! Not only internet and affiliate knowledge, but life's language, too.


I believe, truly believe, that Wealthy Affiliate molds us into well-rounded beautiful people, ready to take on the world with a bold sense of pride and a humble satisfaction for success.

The focus should not only be on the monetary value of this company, but the growth aspect, as well.


Excel into the vast and enriching world of finding favor with every step! We ALL can accomplish our dreams if we give ourselves permission!

You can pour your hearts out here with comments below!

Erin :)!

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When friends and family ask if I have made money, I let them know that I have to prepare the website before the customers arrive. That seems to satisfy their question. Cheers Dave

Good way to do that! Cheers!

Gorgeous post, Erin! Again you've hit the nail on the head. You write so well. Love your energy and your focus on what matters.

Awwww, thank you, Lauren! Your words always move me so much! xoxo

Great post! I haven't yet, but I know I will. I just have to squeeze in more time to work on my sites and keep posting more regularly. I also write freelance, which is what's paying the bills. I know if that didn't eat up so much time, I'd have already made some money here. But I will get there and it's always good to read posts from other members who already have.


Writing freelance must be preparing you big time for this business! Content is everything here! I wish you all the best!

Thank you and likewise!


I prefer no to ask that question. I find it rude. And it makes it that much more delightful when someone shares.
Thinking about what I have gained here, the knowledge, the friends, we will all have to get together sometime (in VEGAS).

Have a great day Erin!

Yes, but instead share your earnings ONLY for encouragement's sake! I plan on attending at Vegas! See you there!

I hear what you’re saying but you could make 5000 friends on Facebook? Online friends come and go or any friends come to think of it.

Some people want genuine assurance that if they follow the rules, they will make money.

So far in in 3 months, I have enjoyed the interaction of the community and I move along at tortoise pace in the background with my business. Early days for me!


I would summarise this and say to anyone wishing to make money, look at so many members that have renewed memberships for many years. I do not think people would be here if they were not making some sort of an income?

I do not think WA would be here if Kyle and Carson were not helping people make money or empowering people with new skills.

A persons income is personal business and I would never ask such questions, although some may volunteer this information?

Just some passing thoughts!


Well, your explanation is quite thorough, Mr. Wayne! Thanks so much for your compelling response! I would have to agree with you that we establish long-term relationships here of common interest--and not just stating what we had for dinner!

Yes, there is proof in the pudding--success stories in all directions and personal account of not how they made money, but instead, how they developed long-term income (for reasons of paying-it-forward). Thanks!

Also, one more point. People share their earnings, not to brag, but to encourage and inspire!

I agree, sharing for encouragement, support and any other positive forms of sharing is good.

Bragging, keep it for the pub! Not that I see bragging here!

I hear success stories which very different to bragging! These stories deserve our support!


Absolutely, Wayne! I agree! I actually pictured people in a pub bragging.. nice image! LOL

It’s fun in your 20’s bragging, perhaps a little sad in you 50’s, 60’s, 70’s! After 100 brag all you wish!!


I am glad to be one of your friends here Erin. Good for you for focusing on the non-money benefits!

Meee, toooo! When we take the focus off of it, we succeed in the process!

Success can not be measured by money, that would be a comparison between apples and pears.
Success is a feeling inside, money is a reward outside.

My answer to that question is

Not yet the truckload I have in vision, but I am very satisfied with my results right now.

Then they ask me, how much do you make.

And I answer

I would make more when people like you would use my affiliate link on my website next time you order something. When even my friends and family forget about that, why would any stranger use it? You are a part of my success!

(I just had this conversation with one of my children, she just "forgot" to use my link)

Yes, my family forgets to use my links, too. Good point! Keep your vision visible! The "truckloads" will come when you keep fulfilling your dream one step at a time!

I have definitely had a huge education and a whole different perspective on peoples challenges around the globe.
You are right there is so much more value in Wealthy Affiliate than just money.
With Grace and Gratitude

I agree! Grace to you, too--and with much gratitude back at you!

Hello Erin,

Thank you for the inspiring post! I also feel like we are not only getting monetary gains. We are actually investing in ourselves, so we can live a better life in the future.

Not making money now? No problem. Your perseverance will pay off!

Worst case scenario for trying, you don’t make money a lot of money.

Worst case scenario for not trying, you’re right where you started... still working the 9 to 5 and retire at 65 with bone aches. Enjoy your vacation then haha!

Sorry, I’m so mean....);

Kind Regards,

Ha ha, Eric! Love your sense of humor! Putting our best foot forward is certainly the right step in the direction of our dreams, and it definitely develops our sense of integrity and worth. Thanks for your comment! See you around again! It's always a pleasure!

I'm just a month into premium. Ur post is inspirational. I'll work on it.

Good girl, Violet! I know you're doing great things! :)!!

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