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Last Update: Mar 11, 2018

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In my last post, I went through the new search rules being made with Google's search algorithm. Since this past January, Instagram has now set new changes in place with their algorithm, also. In order to not get shadow banned, (banned from your account--without your knowledge), please abide by these new rules!

1. When posting, your post might only be shown to 10% of your audience.
When the algorithm searches your post and sees active intervention, it will then increase your audience viewers. So, if you have one post with a lot of likes and comments right when you post it, your post will then be exposed to the other 90% of your audience.

Also, a good thing to do would be to answer any comments within one hour in order to increase the percentage.

Please Note: Emoji comments and comments three words or less do not count as comments. They have to be 4 or more words.

2. Illegal groups on Instagram.

One of the reasons for this sudden change with Instagram is because last year people started forming PODS (people in groups that agree to increase each other's posts with engagement)-- which happened as soon as a member announced they had a new post. The others in the group then go to it and like and comment on it. Because of this underhandedness, numerous people were getting shadow banned.

3. Business accounts.

If you're creating a post about your business, you now must have a special business account. This is actually a good thing because when you have a business account, you will be able to check additional stats and other features.

4. Stories.

Posting stories is the best way to rate. Stories that engage your audience and are well thought out are the most likely to get a higher percentage exposed to your posts.

5. Captions. (Hashtags).

You know how you are able to include up to 30 hashtags at the bottom of your post? Well, now it is considered SPAM! They are suggesting only 5 are to be used. Also, DO NOT put the hashtags at the end or bottom of your post. You are now required to place them within your text (story). If they're listed at the bottom, they won't be included in the searches and will be useless.

Don't use the SAME hashtags over and over again. If you do, you will look like a bot and will be considered SPAM--which can lead to shadow banning. Choose longtail hashtags instead--(more than one word or a phrase) to change your hashtags up.


Lastly, you will now be able to follow hashtags, so random people may turn up on your profile to request to befriend you.

With all this said, Instagram's newest search algorithm is definitely more strict. There are always those who will abuse platforms on Social Media and there will always be tighter rules because of it.

Happy posting!
Erin :)!

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Thanks John that was very interesting.

Sorry Erin, not sure where John came from. Lol

Opps! Ha ha! Thanks--glad you gained some valuable information!

This is very helpful, I have set up a business page and need to get active on it. I am receiving a lot of dodgy followers who I just block. Is there a setting I should click?

I haven't heard of any special setting, just block each one you don't want to connect with. Glad you found this post helpful!

Thanks Erin for the useful information. I will have to change my hashtag placement and reduce to 5, and use different once all the time. I have a business account which is good but I have to use more words when responding to comments. I have benefitted so much from this post Erin.
Thank you, thank you and thank you once more

Your response is wonderful! Thank you! Glad your running with the advice! Happy you stopped in!

I not yet done this. Make remind me. Great post

You'll get to it! Thanks for your comment and for swinging by! It's always nice to see you!

It all sounds rather complicated. Sigh.

Yes, but if you do it regularly, you'll get the hang of it!

Thanks for this interesting and important post, Erin. I'm not on Instagram yet, but it's very good info to know when I do join. Carol

Absolutely, Carol! It's a great platform to interact on!

Thanks, Erin. Guess I need to get it in gear and sign up! Carol

Ha ha, you will when the time is right, Carol!

You're right! Not yet, though! Carol

Great update on the new Algorithm that Instagram is using Erin, I am going to put it to test right now my Friend.

Thank you for sharing and caring,


My pleasure, Tony!! SO nice to see you again! Glad I could shed some light for you. All the best and I'll see you around again!

I never even heard of that but Thanks it’s realy good to know ! I have so much to learn and my brain is tired but it’s ok it’s gonna be more tired later cause iv got a long ways to go to get where I’d like to be lol ! NOTES NOTES AND MORE NOTES !!! LOL
: )

Hang in there, it gets better as time and work progress!

These new guidelines are all over YouTube, also. Thanks for stopping by!

Just when I started to figure out the old Algorithm! Ugh...Thanks for sharing.

I know--right?! (Oh, wait--that's only 3 words! haha!)

Any rules on urls in the post? I see people type “link in bio” but If I do that I’d have way too many links!!

Hummmmm--good question. I haven't heard anything about that yet. When you type your link in a post, it doesn't turn into a link and nobody can click on it. So, I would say to add it to your page, if at all possible. How many links do you have there now?

Well now I know why they type "link in bio" lol. I just have one thus far, I guess I need to figure out how to link all my affiliate stuff to that one url then.

Did you know you can create up to 30 accounts? At least you could before this change in the rules. I will have to check about that. However, if this is still so, you can create one account for each affiliate!

Oh Wow - I can't even master 1 IG account! One account isn't so bad after-all :)

Well, you don't have to create all 30--haha--just one or two more to accommodate your affiliates.

Many thanks for the updates.

You're quite welcome!

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