My Tenth Task: $50,000 a Month Case Study

Last Update: June 26, 2018


Although it has been a week since I posted my Ninth Task, I have been very busy at work on my Personal Case Study website. In my last post, I reviewed the steps I had taken and implemented to my site from Affiliate Bootcamp. I have gone through Phase 1, Lessons 1-8 and will pick up on Phase 1, Lesson 9: Creative, Thoughtful, Insightful Reviews.

This Lesson taught how to write great reviews for your website. I accomplished the following Tasks:

  • I watched Kyle's Product Review Video.
  • I wrote a new Wealthy Affiliate Review in SiteContent with the 4 Principles to a Great Review that I learned from Lesson 9, and uploaded it to my site. (1. Captivating. 2. Informative. 3. Accurate. 4. Opinionated.)
  • I wrote a new Jaaxy Review and uploaded it to my site.


In the first month of my Personal Case Study, I am right on track with Bootcamp's goals.

  • Set Up Website
  • Set-up SEO
  • Initial Framework: Content
  • Get Indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Write 5-10 posts (I have 6 so far)


I wrote a new motivational blog post in SiteContent entitled, Envision Your Future, and uploaded it to my site. It is 844 words.

1-6 POSTS.

I went through all 6 of my blog posts to date and worked on the SEO, Keywords and keyword positioning to the best of my ability. I will be experimenting with this as time goes on.

There is constant work to be done in order to reach my goal. In Month Two, I plan to:

  • Write ten more blog posts
  • Work the SEO and keywords for each
  • Accomplish more of Bootcamp
  • Do in-depth research
  • Keep up with my community blog post Tasks
  • Progress at a rapid pace

I am on a mission and am very determined to succeed, as I press forward toward the gold!


Erin :)!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is a Personal Case Study to prove to myself whether or not it is obtainable to earn a large income, as much as $50,000 per month in only a year's time. (A case study analyzes research over a period of time.) This Personal Case Study has not been proven as of yet, and will prove in time whether or not it can be accomplished. I will seek the possibility of the subject matter.

FURTHERMORE: The leaders of Wealthy Affiliate have given their consent to this Personal Case Study with regard to adhering to the WA standards, rules, regulations and guidelines. This is under no circumstance a "how to" study, as it is not a proven method. It is not a training, as it is pure speculation and has not been proven. This is my own personal study to prove, whether or not, this task can or cannot be accomplished.

THIS PERSONAL CASE STUDY IS WRITTEN IN FIRST PERSON SINGULAR. It includes my own thoughts and speculations. Therefore, the following content lists the tasks I will take to venture through my study. I welcome you all to follow along and make it your choice whether or not you would like to join in these tasks with me. I am very hopeful and excited to pursue this one-year journey, and to invite others to either observe as an onlooker or to become a participant.

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Mhillabold Premium
Wow great job!
herinnelson Premium
Thanks so much, Michelle! Nice to connect with you!
BrettSadler Premium
Great job! Your case study is sort of like my metronome for progress in my own work.

I just posted my 13th and that puts me in line with your 16 in 2 months. Site Health has me at 50% for publishing frequency. Do you have any thoughts/ opinions on this statistic in relation to your past successes?
herinnelson Premium
Hi Brett! So happy we have a common bond relating to work! The more content posted, the more traffic and referrals appear. Yes, increasing the publishing frequency most definitely has a positive affect on progress!
jetrbby80316 Premium
Great continuation of this case study. Intriguing,inspirational, and informative. I am a Big Fan!

herinnelson Premium
Thanks, Kaju! That means so much to me! :)!
jetrbby80316 Premium
herinnelson Premium
KathyFergus1 Premium
Carpe Diem girl you goooo,! I’m almost jealous, I can’t seem to find the time to stay on for over 15 min at a time. I’m working on that though! My what an inspiration you are though congrats and I will follow you.
herinnelson Premium
Thanks so much, Kathy! WOW! You certainly are a breath of fresh air to me! I look forward to seeing you around more and SO happy to connect! XOXO

Erin :)!
Seize the Day!
dlum11 Premium
Such inspiration oh ah can you bottle some of that inspiration and energy for me.
Thank you Doug
herinnelson Premium
Ha ha, Doug! I just did! You now have the inspiration and energy to advance anywhere you want to go! :)!