My story.

Last Update: February 28, 2018


I was just minding my own business online one day, when I came across a link that I was drawn to. Clicking into another web page, I stopped and began to read. The content intrigued me so that I read it all, word-by-word. Then, without hesitation and just staying in the moment, I looked up from the computer.


In thinking to myself--and then out loud to my cats (haha)-- I said, "I CAN DO THIS! No matter what it takes, I really can do this! Could this REALLY be the answer to all my prayers?"


I was lead to a nice custom-designed page with TMaltz's photo on it (I was impressed by the set-up of the page). Immediately, I began typing my information and signing up for what was to be my very own Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate. (Needless to say, I upgraded right away!)

I felt proud of myself! I was now, for the very first time in a really, really LONG time, on a brand new venture!

After I finished typing my information, I slowly inched my hand to the ENTER key on my computer. I closed my eyes and gently clicked.


There was a whole world within this world to explore! It hooked me HARD and I began to study subjects that I had never known about before! I just couldn't absorb enough! I read and read throughout the day and when I closed my computer and looked outside at the darkness, I knew my life was about to change.

Thankful and Blessed,

Erin XOXO :)!

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Memorylaneuk Premium
Lovely Post Erin, we all come to WA through different routes but I believe many of us find it without consciously looking for it.
Once we are in, we are hooked as there is so much to know and learn.
With Grace and Gratitude
herinnelson Premium
My sentiments exactly, Karen! Thanks, once again, for your nice words--they always "dance" on my page!
buffetearns Premium
NIce, thanks Erin!

herinnelson Premium
Thanks again for swinging in!!! :)))!
TaniaHersel Premium
It is an exhilarating journey and get to meet up with incredible, people. Keep on inspiring us with your genuine approach to your experiences.
herinnelson Premium
I really enjoy writing about everything here! It's like teaching myself, too! Thanks for your nice and uplifting reply, Tania! I always love your ideas!
SimonKE Premium
Awesome story Erin,

I recall how I found WA. I was researching reviews on other programs and found a review from Kyle.

I signed up for a free membership and got started but was pretty broken at the time and lost interest when I read about having your own product. I really didn't understand then what I do today. That was two years ago.

Over the last two years I thought about WA often. 22 days ago it crossed my mind again so went to my WA email tab and found my old login info and went for it.

I don't like using the words wish or hate but I wish i had done this two years and I hate that sometimes we are not ready when the teacher arrives. I was just not ready then.

I am able to see where my most difficult and unpleasant experiences can benefit others, and since that has been my goal in life, I can say I do not regret anything. There are no mistakes, only lessons.

I am grateful for all of my experiences, good and bad and I am truly grateful to be part of a community of forward thinking like minded people.

To the prosperity of all

Simon K
herinnelson Premium
It's all about timing, Simon! There is a right and wrong time for everything, and you are in your right time for Wealthy Affiliate! It's great you got in through Kyle!

I, too, took a step back after joining in September of 2016--then taking a 5-month leave in May of 2017 due to an injury. I regained my membership in September of last year and have gone full force with it! Nothing is going to hold me back now!

Your outlook is amazing! Surly the pay-it-forward attitude. Using both good and bad experiences to help others learn is so selfless.

I truly enjoyed reading your response. Have a wonderful rest of the week and beyond! I look forward to running into you again.
gardenguy Premium
You know Erin, your post made me think about something.....I really can't remember how I got into WA, or who I followed. I really can't....isn't that something? But, I'm deadly glad I'm here.....nope, I'll never leave either.

herinnelson Premium
Hi Wayne, the garden guy! The person whose link you clicked on must have welcomed you and given you information to begin. Maybe, go back to the beginning of your posts on your profile page.

My click through guy ended up being my mentor and has given me much insight. I just PMed him! Ha ha.

SO glad you're here, too!